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Monday, 1 January 2018

First aid beauty skin tint review | Dry, acne prone skin type

Hey guys, so i have recently came across a new skin tint from First aid beauty which claims to help troubled skin, as well as "creating a flawless look, and protecting against harmful effects of the sun" to say the least. Having the type of skin which fluctuates between clear to having acne which leaves blemishes, i thought it would be the perfect opportunity to put it to the test. This actually was the first time i used a product from First aid beauty, however i have previously read they have many products which benefit the skin as well, which if they did would be a bonus!

To begin with, a little overview of what the product claims to do as stated on their website -

"This ultra-light, breathable fluid glides easily and effortlessly onto skin for simple, brush-free, buildable coverage. Non-comedogenic and formulated for all skin types, even sensitive, this natural-pigmented formulation is available in four adaptable shades to suit a wide spectrum of complexions.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Traveller's Lookbook | Affordable Outfit inspiration

Hey my loves, as i love to travel i decided to create my first traveller's lookbook! I create my outfits depending on where i was going, from a lunch date to bathing in a river. I hope to inspire you as to what affordable outfits you can create for different occasions while traveling. I shall write the product details for each of the items shown in the video, as all of the products show in the video i do not have a photo of below, so make sure to check out my full outfit on my Youtube channel! Thank you xox

Full lookbook -

Disclaimer- Products which are no longer available or do not show up on the website will not have a link to purchase ( this look book is not sponsored)

Product information - 

Newlook | Tall orange floral print flared sleeve playsuit

New Yorker | Floral print flip flops

Newlook | Green sateen floral print playsuit

Boohoo | Sofia deep plunge chiffon tie sleeve playsuit

New yorker | Black slip ons ( as seen on the video)

Miss guided | Stripe crotchet bikini

Next | Vest top

H&M | Worn denim shorts denim blue

JD | Filan speedstride womens trainers

Miss guided | Paisley print racer neck swing dress multi

Next | Two part leather sandals

Next | Thin strap vest

H&M | Blue floral shorts + White strap sandals

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Carbon coco ultimate kit | First impressions + review | 7 day progression

Hey my loves, we all know how important dental hygiene is, and how it can have a massive impact on our health and well being, if we let our routine slip. I personally have used Cress white strips back in my college years, those where big back then, so i'd also gave them a whirl. Not knowing the effects whitening strips have on my enamel( not an expert) , i had learnt the hard way when my gums became irritated.

First impression here -

To begin with i would like to put a disclaimer out there that, although Carbon coco had sent me the products to review, i shall only give my honest opinion in regards to my personal experience using the kit. Everyone will have different results using the kit depending on the original condition of your teeth.

Moving on, i have not used any kit since, and have stuck to my routine of floss and a general tooth paste which has the whitening, and breathe cleansing all in one ( Colgate , not sponsored ). I personally did not go out my way looking for a teeth whitening product as i have been happy with my routine as of yet. So here i am giving my honest opinion on my FIRST whitening kit experience. As i shall mention in my video which will only include the demonstration, i can only review the item after testing it for a few weeks ( this case 7 days as it states 7-14 days to see results), in order to get a valid conclusion. 

                            7 day progression 

Day 1 

Day 2                                                     


Day 3 

Day 4                  


Day 5    

 Day 6                                                                

Day 7 

Final verdict 

Having given a week to conclude my final thoughts on the product, i have to say that although i did not see a massive improvement in my teeth shade. I am happy with the results in respect of how my teeth feel and look. They do appear brighter and have that "polished" affect, as while i had been using the product,  i did hear that "squeaky" clean sound", as well as being able to run my tongue against my teeth to feel that smooth after effect. Many of my family members who have more of a "stained" tooth surface,  have tried the product and within the first use where asking where to purchase the product from. They also loved that dentist clean feel, as well as how much the teeth looked polished.

Finally the few minor points that i did notice was that the tooth polish is quite a messy product, having it be a powder and black, it did spat all over the white sink and mirror while brushing. As well as noticing some of the powder getting stuck under my gums a few times, which i noticed a few hours after brushing.

Other then that i would recommend the product and would give it a fair rating of 9/10.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

SMASHBOX Cover shot "Ablaze" palette Review + swatches

Hey my loves, as i am planning to travel this May, i of course had to go makeup shopping! I was on the hunt for a travel size compact palette, which i happen to find on the Smashbox website. I personally prefer a palette which has warm earth tones, as they are easier to transform from a daytime to evening to party look. Hence why i fell in love with this compact palette. They do have other travel size palettes from the cover shot range, so do have a look, however i shall be reviewing the "Ablaze" palette as i found it best suited me.

Packaging :

What first caught my eye once i received the palette was the 3D casing, bold yet effective! Also the size of the packaging is perfect for travel, fits right in the palm of your hand with a good sized mirror which i appreciate, as it can be a pain having to find a mirror when you need it.


The two larger shadows at the top of the palette are used as bases, this i found very useful as it gave a smooth canvas for the transition shades. The six smaller shadows are super bendable and pigmented which is what i look for in a palette. Moreover the ingredients used are cruelty free as stated on the website which is always a plus! Here are the swatches from the palette and the shade names.
Swatches on my arm are from right to left opposite of the palette.

6 Shades:
"Dark horse" "Throwback" "Torch" "Delirious" "Nirvana" "Siesta"  BASE  "Moccasin" "Relaxed

The palette is not scented 

Uk price online £24

I would highly recommend this palette, just for the fact that there are shades to suit everyone, from neon to natural as well as being compact perfect for on the go. The formula, is super bendable and pigmented which is perfect for photos and for everyday wear. As well as it being reasonable priced, let me know your thoughts on the palette, and which is your favorite xoxo. 


This review is not sponsored, all products were brought by myself, and all thoughts and opinions on the product are my honest view on them.

Thank you xoxo

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

FIRST TATTOO!! | Advice and experience

Hey my loves, i know it has been a while since i have posted on here, however i just got my first tattoo done! I am so happy with my results i decided i would share my experience and advice on getting one done. Please keep in mind my disclaimer and hope you enjoy the video!xoxo

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Kylie Jenner "Limited addition holiday collection" liquid matte lipsticks minis REVIEW

Hey honey buns, so over the holiday period i was gifted a set of the limited addition Kylie Jenner matte liquid lipsticks. They were great for over the holiday period (and from day to night looks) as well as being travel size perfect for me as i am currently still on vacation. This actuallly was my first set of cosmetics from Kylie's collection, and to my suprise the formular is similar to matte liquid lipsticks i have tried before. Here are my thoughts on the product and swatches.


The style of the liquid lipsticks are the typical Kylie Jenner "melted liquid lipstick " design with the shade peeping through the bottom half with the top half covered in a silver metalic casing. As they were stated to be "limited addition" i did hope for a "limited addition" design, something unique from her collection. However the only difference in design is the size. These liquid lipsticks have 0.02fl.oz per bottle, which is perfect for traveling.


As with previous liquid lipsticks i have tried i can compare Kylie's to the "jeffree star" liquid lipsticks, They are both creamy and highly pigmented, which is perfect as the Kylie Jenner collection was limited addition and a little goes along way. However they do dry fast and become wrinkly after a hour or so. I have always exfoliated and hydrated my lips before applying any liquid lipstick, so when they became dry and chapped looking i was quite disappointed. Having said that they do last long depending on what your eating as i found i did have to reapply after eating certain foods. The liquid lipsticks do not bleed around your lips once applied, which is perfect if you do not like touching up your makeup. Lastly on the formular, they do come off with a baby wipe which is great as you do not need to purchase any additional cosmetics to help remove it.

Smell -

The liquid lipsticks each have a sweet smell. which once on the lips is undetectable.


As this was a gift i am unsure of the price, as the collection is no longer on the website either for reference,


As for the quality of the product, the size and the shades i shall rate this product 8/10

Disclaimer: This product is not sponsored

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

"My makeup brush set" OVAL BRUSHES Review + Tutorial

Hey my loves, so i finally got round to filming another review this time it is on "My makeup brush set" oval brushes. They had kindly send me two sets of there best selling brushes to choose from to do a review on. Considering i actually have never used oval brushes i was eager to see the results! I had chosen the 5 piece rose gold set as well as the 10 piece gold and black set. They arrived a few weeks later from the initial email, as my sets where being shipped from there USA store. As soon as they arrived that morning i had filmed a Cranberry fall makeup look using only there brushes which i shall link down below for you to check out.

Tutorial here -

Get yours at :

PS: All opinions are my honest review on these brushes!

The prices range for both of these sets depending on which website you look (UK or USA) I personally could not find the price of the Rose gold set on the UK website, so i shall use the USA website as reference for the prices of these brushes.

5 piece rose gold set $15.00
10 piece black and gold set $39.99

Pros :

  • Soft bristles ( not harsh on the skin)
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Evens out makeup without becoming patchy or blotchy
  • Sleek presentable style
  • Quality of the brush is satisfactory for the price
  • Does pick a lot of product
  • Denser brushes such as the contour brush makes it hard to blend, without it looking streaky 
  • Some of the brush sizes where too small or too big for areas, such as the  powder brush was too big to set the corners of my eyes or the sides of my nose. Lip brush was quite big and sheered out the product.
  • Plastic handle feels like it could break easily
Overall rating 8/10
Would use again as was happy with how my makeup turned out having used these for the first time!

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