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Sunday, 28 December 2014

All in black

Hey guys sorry it has been ages since my last post, been so busy during the Christmas period as you can  imagine. But I'm back :p hopefully keep on top of things, now for this outfit yes it was freezing outside but what can I say, the things we do for fashion. I wore a crop top which if worn with jeans would show your tummy of course , but as I was wearing a shirt I brought it up as they did compliment each other. The heels which I love , add the finishing touch to this outfit as it adds the glam to a night out. The details caught my eye, as they have a peep toe , and a back cut out which I find comfortable as you know your shoe won't fall off half way through a dance xd Overall I would recommend to wear a trench coat preferable black or even nude tones would look good. Enjoy the holidays my loves xx

Skirt - £12.99 boohoo
Coat- £55 next
Crop top - £20 miss guided
Heels - £35 just fab
Bag - £10 primark

Sunday, 7 December 2014

anastasia beverly hills dip brow pomade

So to begin with a brief introduction to what a dip brow pomade is. It is a "waterproof creamy smudge proof formula which allows you to sculpt and helps to define your eyebrows. It also comes in a number of shades which is a bonus for all eyebrow types.

Moving on to the review, I have always been a big fan of brow powders as they do look more natural and also do not give that overly done eyebrow look. Not to mention they can be easily removed from the eyebrows if you make a mistake. However I thought I would expand my horizon and look to try something new on the market. I have seen the new brow tec to go  from smash box, which is a retractable pen filled with a creamy shadow for eye brows which looks interesting and confinement for travel, however had decided to review the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade as I have heard a load of great reviews.

Firstly the dip pomade retails for £15 the uk, which is a reasonable price as it comes in a reasonable sized jar. Although in my opinion this can last a long time as you only need a little for each eyebrow as the creamy formula is highly pigmented and can be blended in. The packaging is also stylish as it is printed with the company name\logo on the box and the lid of the jar.

My first impression when I had used it was as it mentioned before you only need a little bit which goes along way, very easy to blend and super creamy so it is not sticking to the eyebrows and making them look greasy. (Not to mention the product is great for oily skin, as mentioned by the company). I was able to define my eye brows without making them look too bold, so it does give a natural look as long as you use the product in moderation when applying.

There is nothing really that I can say against the product as it is a brilliant formula i would give the product 9/10

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

black n gold

Hey guys been a while since I have posted.Today's post I decided to do a evening /night out look.This beautiful dress I got as a gift, although I had to ask for my blog where it is from.The dress is from Nichole's new collection with misguided, the gorgeous slits in the side just add that glam feel as well as the chunky gold chain across the waist (so no need for jewelry) Along with the dress I decided to wear a gilet, which is totally warm and light weight aswel as being in trend this winter. I wore some platform heels along with my black bag. As for accessories I wore a gold bracelet and gold watch.

Dress Nicole's - misguided £35
Bag -primark £10
bracelet -boohoo £8
platform shoes -brought a while back
gilet - lightinthebox £17.99

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Finally can see the change in season, leaves falling, a frozen nose and getting blown away by the wind ahh!! So yeah i thought it is time for me to incoperate the colours of fall into this next look. I was really inspired by the autumn leaves (how odd), the colours really look beautiful mingled together , hence why i am wearing some complimenting shades of brown and red . My top under my puffy jacket has the green, brown and red shades which i really love, as it was a t shirt i wore a puffy jacket on top so i wasnt cold at all. My scarf which has a checkered print brought in the red and green hues which of course kept me warm as well my ankle boots which brought the look together. As to finish i just added a bag.

Puffy jacket - i got a long time ago
Ankle boots - brought from abroad
Scarf- target ( also you can get one from new look)
prinited t shirt- bank

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hi guys, todays look is simple but classy. As me and the family were going out for Diwali (a cultural festival) I decided to have my hair in a fish plate, one it is easy to do and secondly manageable in the windy weather. I'm really loving the checkered look this winter as they are super cute and great for adding a pop of colour to a outfit. As my top is long it covers the behind heh so I decided to wear leather trousers as they look flattering :p along with my golden strapped heels which compliment my bag. As To finish off with gold accessories. Hope you enjoy your day those who are celebrating xx ")

New look golden strap heels : £29.99
Leather trousers amazon : £10.00
Checkered top h&m :£7.99
Bag rucci: £20.00

Saturday, 4 October 2014

My version of a shepherd pie :recipe 4

I'm back with another yummy hearty recipe for those who need help cooking a healthy meal. Not only does this recipe taste great, it is perfect for the cold weather as well as including those vital macro nutrients (vegetables, lean meat,carbohydrates). So let's begin!


  • 4 large potatoes ( depending on the amount you want)
  • 2 tomato tins 
  • rosemary seasoning (basil if you prefer)
  • sweetcorn 
  • mushrooms ( you can choose leave these if you wish )
  • peas
  • salt (reduce the amount you use for any health reasons)
  • balsamic vinegar
  • pepper
  • chili powder
  • milk
  • unsalted butter
  • mince meat of your choice ( i chose lamb mince)
  • 1 large onion
  • vegetable oil


  • oven 
  • oven proof dish
  • spoon 
  • two large pots

1) Firstly chop up your onion into thin slices, then place them into a large pot with a dash of vegetable oil.

2) You should allow your onions to cook for 5-10 minutes on medium heat, making sure to check them so that they do not burn. Your looking for a light brown shade as well as translucent to know they are cooked and softened.

3) Once your onions are nicely cooked pop in your mince meat.

4) You should then allow your meat to cook for 20-30 minutes depending on your chosen meat. Keeping it on high heat so that the water drys up, and mix so it does not burn!

5) Once your meat is cooked ( water has dried and nicely browned as shown above (make sure you taste the meat to check if it is cooked properly), then you can begin to chop up your mushrooms ( you can use what ever veg you like as long as you cut them thinly so they cook fast, or even boil them before hand then add them in). reduce the heat 

6) Then add your sweetcorn and peas in with the meat and mushrooms, cook for 5 minutes till they are soft, and hot.

7) Now to add the seasoning, add the tomatoes, season with pepper, sprinkle some chili ( can keep this step out if you wish) , half a tea spoon of rosemary , four large teas spoons of balsamic vinegar along with a pinch of salt ( you can add depending on your taste) and mix well. )  left this to cook for 15- 20 minutes, with the lid on  , and remember to stir so that the flavors blend well the color should become a deep red, taste if you need to add anything.

8) While your sauce cooks, put your potatoes into a pot with water until they are covered, cook on high heat for 30 minutes all depending on the type and size of the potatoes. Until they are soft. Once your potatoes are cooked you can mash them up, add in a splash of milk and two table spoons of butter, as well as a pinch of salt and pepper for taste.

9) Once your sauce has become deep red as shown below, you can pop the sauce at the bottom of the oven proof dish then add your mash on top, spreading it with a spoon ( dip the spoon in water so it does not stick to the mash) then with a fork add the lines for the finishing touch. Add the dish to the oven for 10 minutes on medium heat just to allow the mash to brown slightly.

The finishing dish!- please subscribe! thank you

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The amazing nicky clarke flexi stylers review : best for lasting curles

Hiya, i had recently discovered a new styling product recommened by my sisters friend. Due to my sister having thicker, longer hair than me she had been finding it hard to find a product that would style her hair without burning it in order to keep a curl. That is when we was introduced to NICKY CLARKE flexi stylers, they are long styling tools which you heat up, wrap into the hair, leave for the amount recommened and your left with gorgeous curls.

Tutorials below -
After doing some research, and checking out the website, many people have given the product a high rating which of course made us want to try it out. The product retails for £24.99 which is a great price considering how well it works.
First impressions when the product arrived was
. Easy to open
. Easy to read instruction
And generally a great looking product. Before trying out the product i had watched a few youtube videos shown by nicky clarke himself, showing how to use the product and what styles you can do with it. So of course i had to try it out.

Ps : my hair type is medium, fine hair as well as straight

Styles your hair in 30 minutes (for me) , tight curles which can be loosened and styled as well as lasting. Also the flexie stylers heat up quite fast and easy to manage as well as not being too hot that your hair fry.

You do need practice in my case if you want to get the correct style of curles. Also it can be painfull when your hair gets tangled but that is mainly going to happen if you do not put them in properly. Also you have to straighten them before putting them away, which i found annoying as they do not stay the same after the first use.

Overall i would say the styling tool is an amazing product i have been using it for a few weeks now and have mastered the style i want. It does give amazing results and i would highly recommend it. Rating 9/10

Disclaimer- i am not sponsered this is my honest opinion

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

maybelline:dream satin liquid foundation REVIEW

Heyyy , today's post shall be on my foundation, i have been asked what foundation i use so i decided to make a post!
Firstly, this is not a new product but old is gold and that is certainly true with this foundation.

To start off this foudation claims to have a 100% poreless look and air brushed finish which is what i am looking for if i am at work and do not have time to touch up , i would like my foundation to last without becomming oily.(i have dry skin type). Due to that i would look for a product which gives full coverage but also allows the skin to breathe and not look cakey also not to inhance my dry patches and even my skin tone.

This is why i was so impressed with this foundation, it does what i wanted, i have been using it for a months now as i mix sun beige and 30 sand to get my desired tone, it gives such a soft satin finish. Although  i would recommend a setting powder to get rid of any shine, however it's not necessary, it's just my opinion. It definetly looks flawless. It feels smooth on the skin and covers any redness i have around my nose. Aswell as covering my uneven skin without looking like a mask. It is build-able but one layer gives me a flawless look as i do not have spots just dry skin so works a charm. I would rate it 9/10 it also comes in a glass bottle and a pump so it is easy to apply with your brush for an even finish. Retails for £6 , so highly affordable.
Dissadvantage: sadly, does not come in many shades.
I am not sponsered this is my honest opinion. Hope this helps.xx

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Maybelline colour sensation lip gloss:review

Hiya, this would be my first makeup review and i have decided to review the maybelline colour sensation lip gloss just because i saw the ad on tv and thought i would like to try it. Personally i prefer lip stains as they last long and look more or less natural depending on the colour( as i use a pinkish lip stain just to add a natural tint), so when i saw this ad, the description matched what i am looking for, a moisturizing, creaming gloss with a vibrant colour but did it pay off?

Well my first impressions were of course the sleek packaging it came in , compact slim and just appealing to the eye. However the colour intensity you see on the glass casing is not as bright on your lip( in my case) .

For me i found the colour not too bright and not to light , just like a lip balm. I would prefer it to be as intense as the ad on tv although on the other hand it has been smooth and hydrates the lips as it does last a few hours before the colour starts to fade. It also has a fruity smell and slight taste which is pleasent for my case which is a plus of course.

Overall i would say the product is ALRIGHT i would give it a 5/10 just for moisturizing, non sticky  and hydrating factor, also because it is afforable retailing at £6 in the uk, but for colour it is not so vivid but i guess it is a gloss after all.

I hope this review helped i am not sponsered all my honest oppinion. Xx

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

summer blues

Hiya, sorry for not posting in a while englands weather has been terrible hence why i titled this post summer blues, I WANT SUNSHINE! Apart from that, todays look i had wore a full sleeve crop top as it was kinda cold today, with some washed out jeans (the ones with the slits on the knees if your wondering) and paired them with some white buckled heels which i love the design of to finish the look.

For accsesories i had worn a gold long chained pendant with midi rings also in gold, as well as a gold watch and braclet to dress the look up although this outfit you could wear some white slip ons if you find that comfortable! Lastly i paired this all with a white, brown and black satchel as they are my go to bag just because i can comfortable fit all my things as well as it becomming a cross body bag if i can not be bothered to hold it :P

Have a wonderful day xx

Monday, 25 August 2014

Spot reduction :THE MYTH

For those who do not know what spot reduction is ( no i am not talking about getting rid of acne, sorry!) it is the myth that has been spread about loosing weight in a particular part of the body. When i first learnt about this i was really fascinated by this concept of loosing weight in a particular place, for instance a majority of women i have worked with wish to get rid of their baby fat or just tuck there tummy in, and i have seen them spend hours in the gym doing ab workouts! That is what got me. SPOT REDUCTION IS JUST A MYTH! Reason why you ask? Because the body just does not work that way sad to say. The trick is to loose general weight all over to see results.

Yes you will be fooled into buying advertising products who market their goods claiming to help you lose weight in certain places of the body, but that is where they're wrong. You need to focus on your overall weight loss in order to get results. Unfortunatley women mostly lose weight from their hips and mid section and underarms last!

Reasons for why it takes longer for some people to gain and loose weight are many, but in my few it is mainly caused by the body type you are -

Ectomorphs - someone who has a slender body type and finds it hard to put on weight or muscle
Endomorph-someone who gains weight mostly in the hip section can gain or loose weight fast and finds it relativelty easier to gain muscle in my opinion
Mesomorph-someone who has a built body easy to build muscle

For these reasons you would need a taloried diet and fitness plan so that you're eating enough for your body type and exercising with the right fitness plan in order to see results!

DISCLAIMER- try at your own risk and in your own limits. Everyone is different so you will see results depending on your body type and fitmess plan. If you are staring for the first time inform a doctor for health checks and if you feel any pain or discomfort stop straight away and consult a doctor these are only guidlines so do as many as you feel comfortable!

However fear not, here are my suggestions on how to lose weight and the few of many high intensity workouts you could do to lose weight and have you sweating!

1). Burpees -
This is one of my all time favourites, with this exercise you are using compound movements which means using a number of actions which target more than one muscle which is ideally what you want in losing weight. In any fitness plan i highly reccommend incoperating compound movements rather than focusing on one muscle, the abs for example are a smaller muscle compared to your quadrecips in the legs and hamstrings, this only makes sense that you work your leg muscles aswell.
•3x10 repitions (do as many as you feel comfortable doing! Do not over do it)
•1 minute rest inbetween if needed
•plenty of water and sip it to avoid bloating

Ps- if you can not do sit ups, fear not you can use your knees as shown below to help distrubute the weight making it easier!

2) mountain climbers
Now this exercise definetly makes you feel like you're climbing Mount Everest! Its high intensity and yes compound. It mainly focuses on core which is brilliant as well as biceps, triceps ,deltiods,pectorials (arm) , quadriceps, hamstrings ,calves, hip flexiors just to name a few! So why not get down and try it you can feel the results yourself.
•3x 2 minutes ( do as long as you can do not over do it!)

3) skipping
An old time favourite of mine, for those who do not have joint problems i do recommened skipping as it is inexpensive and a great cardio workout and of course portable!

4) woodchop
This workout is a great overall body workout, you're working those larger muscles in the legs as well as those shoulders hip flexiors and core! Another great compound workout. It is all about keeping great form and making sure you breathe throughout each movement. If you do not have a medicene ball you can use a exercice ball or a litre of water in a bottle, anything which feels comfortable to hold which is not too heavy which will cause strain!
•1 minute break for those who need it
•drink water between only sips

5) jumping jacks
Another compound exercise great cardio and totally inexpensive great for warming up!
•1 minute break
•drink water inbetween only sips

6) jogging on the spot( in super speed)
Yes this one's a killer but worth it, inexpensive and great high intensity. Kills the calves and great for loosing weight. On the spot run as fast as you can in short explosive movements.
•3x 1 minute (do as many as you can)
• drink plenty of water only sips

I hope i helped with my top 6 exercises for loosing weight. There are more than thousands of exercises if you think about it, but i do not want to scare you with a list, so start with a few and progress to help aviod a platue( boredom of an exercise can cause the body to stop responsing to it) so have fun and enjoy!