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Thursday, 31 July 2014

A few benefits of using an exercise ball

Hey Hope you are well, so for today's post I decided to show you a few exercises you can try out in the exercise ball. The exercise ball can aid in many different benificall exercises which can also help with posture and stability.

Disclaimer (Try these at your own risk , if you have experienced pain, discomfort,shortness of breathe, dizziness, stiffness or any other symptoms please consult your doctor, do not stand on the ball as it is dangerous and use on a smooth, secure flat environment, and consult a physician before embarking on a new fitness regime)

Please do stretch if you do attempt to do any of these exercise, and no fitness plan is complete without having a healthy diet, and of course you can have cheat days as long as you work it off ( should not be saying that but it is the truth ) .  

Cobra stretch -

  • I hold this position for 20-30 seconds and exhale followed by returning to the rest position 
  • As i inhale i tighten my abs and lift my chest off the ball as much as i can and a tight arch in my back
  • keeping my palms flat and arms straight
  • repeating 3 times  

Plank pose -
This ones a tough one as it works the core , i sometimes use my palms and arms straight for more of a work out, but in this case i used my elbows flat on the mat. 
  • i first come on all fours with the ball behind me 
  • once i have my feet on the ball and got my balance  i make sure my hands are shoulder width apart, that is if i am using my hands but in this case i am not, then i would come up in the push up position 
  • in my case i keep a strong form and back straight and hold for 15-30 seconds before resting

Half locust -
  • i first lie on my belly on the ball
  • i role forward so i can put my elbows on the ground , making sure i keep balance
  • Then i lift as high as i can and making sure with my other leg i am on my toes
  • I hold this position for 15-30 seconds before resting 
  • repeating 3 times on each leg

Arm and leg raise -

  • With the ball under my belly i position my hands directly under my shoulders
  • Raising my left leg and left arm i keep a strong form and straight posture while stretching my toes 
  • hold for 15-30 seconds 
  • repeat 3-5 times on each side 

Bridge -

PS: The sun was blazing in my eyes 

  • I lie down with the ball in front of me
  • Lying on the floor with feet hip width apart i place my arms with palms down.
  • Then once i have balance i place my feet on the ball and lift my hips off the ground 
  • hold for 20-30 seconds