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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

summer blues

Hiya, sorry for not posting in a while englands weather has been terrible hence why i titled this post summer blues, I WANT SUNSHINE! Apart from that, todays look i had wore a full sleeve crop top as it was kinda cold today, with some washed out jeans (the ones with the slits on the knees if your wondering) and paired them with some white buckled heels which i love the design of to finish the look.

For accsesories i had worn a gold long chained pendant with midi rings also in gold, as well as a gold watch and braclet to dress the look up although this outfit you could wear some white slip ons if you find that comfortable! Lastly i paired this all with a white, brown and black satchel as they are my go to bag just because i can comfortable fit all my things as well as it becomming a cross body bag if i can not be bothered to hold it :P

Have a wonderful day xx

Monday, 25 August 2014

Spot reduction :THE MYTH

For those who do not know what spot reduction is ( no i am not talking about getting rid of acne, sorry!) it is the myth that has been spread about loosing weight in a particular part of the body. When i first learnt about this i was really fascinated by this concept of loosing weight in a particular place, for instance a majority of women i have worked with wish to get rid of their baby fat or just tuck there tummy in, and i have seen them spend hours in the gym doing ab workouts! That is what got me. SPOT REDUCTION IS JUST A MYTH! Reason why you ask? Because the body just does not work that way sad to say. The trick is to loose general weight all over to see results.

Yes you will be fooled into buying advertising products who market their goods claiming to help you lose weight in certain places of the body, but that is where they're wrong. You need to focus on your overall weight loss in order to get results. Unfortunatley women mostly lose weight from their hips and mid section and underarms last!

Reasons for why it takes longer for some people to gain and loose weight are many, but in my few it is mainly caused by the body type you are -

Ectomorphs - someone who has a slender body type and finds it hard to put on weight or muscle
Endomorph-someone who gains weight mostly in the hip section can gain or loose weight fast and finds it relativelty easier to gain muscle in my opinion
Mesomorph-someone who has a built body easy to build muscle

For these reasons you would need a taloried diet and fitness plan so that you're eating enough for your body type and exercising with the right fitness plan in order to see results!

DISCLAIMER- try at your own risk and in your own limits. Everyone is different so you will see results depending on your body type and fitmess plan. If you are staring for the first time inform a doctor for health checks and if you feel any pain or discomfort stop straight away and consult a doctor these are only guidlines so do as many as you feel comfortable!

However fear not, here are my suggestions on how to lose weight and the few of many high intensity workouts you could do to lose weight and have you sweating!

1). Burpees -
This is one of my all time favourites, with this exercise you are using compound movements which means using a number of actions which target more than one muscle which is ideally what you want in losing weight. In any fitness plan i highly reccommend incoperating compound movements rather than focusing on one muscle, the abs for example are a smaller muscle compared to your quadrecips in the legs and hamstrings, this only makes sense that you work your leg muscles aswell.
•3x10 repitions (do as many as you feel comfortable doing! Do not over do it)
•1 minute rest inbetween if needed
•plenty of water and sip it to avoid bloating

Ps- if you can not do sit ups, fear not you can use your knees as shown below to help distrubute the weight making it easier!

2) mountain climbers
Now this exercise definetly makes you feel like you're climbing Mount Everest! Its high intensity and yes compound. It mainly focuses on core which is brilliant as well as biceps, triceps ,deltiods,pectorials (arm) , quadriceps, hamstrings ,calves, hip flexiors just to name a few! So why not get down and try it you can feel the results yourself.
•3x 2 minutes ( do as long as you can do not over do it!)

3) skipping
An old time favourite of mine, for those who do not have joint problems i do recommened skipping as it is inexpensive and a great cardio workout and of course portable!

4) woodchop
This workout is a great overall body workout, you're working those larger muscles in the legs as well as those shoulders hip flexiors and core! Another great compound workout. It is all about keeping great form and making sure you breathe throughout each movement. If you do not have a medicene ball you can use a exercice ball or a litre of water in a bottle, anything which feels comfortable to hold which is not too heavy which will cause strain!
•1 minute break for those who need it
•drink water between only sips

5) jumping jacks
Another compound exercise great cardio and totally inexpensive great for warming up!
•1 minute break
•drink water inbetween only sips

6) jogging on the spot( in super speed)
Yes this one's a killer but worth it, inexpensive and great high intensity. Kills the calves and great for loosing weight. On the spot run as fast as you can in short explosive movements.
•3x 1 minute (do as many as you can)
• drink plenty of water only sips

I hope i helped with my top 6 exercises for loosing weight. There are more than thousands of exercises if you think about it, but i do not want to scare you with a list, so start with a few and progress to help aviod a platue( boredom of an exercise can cause the body to stop responsing to it) so have fun and enjoy!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Basic at home equipment for beginners

Are you starting a fitness plan, but need help organizing what you will need ? Well fear not, it can be daunting buying fitness equipment as there is a whole range of equipment for advanced and beginners. But if you are just getting started i hope to help you out by putting together the basic at home equipment you can buy relatively cheap at most sports stores, which also can be used to do a variety of exercises without spending a fortune on a at home gym.

Disclaimer :

: (Try these at your own risk , if you have experienced pain, discomfort,shortness of breathe, dizziness, stiffness or any other symptoms please consult your doctor, do not stand on the ball as it is dangerous and use on a smooth, secure flat environment, and consult a physician before embarking on a new fitness regime)

Please do stretch if you do attempt to do any of these exercise, and no fitness plan is complete without having a healthy diet, and of course you can have cheat days as long as you work it off ( should not be saying that but it is the truth ) 

Firstly let me begin with my favorite, the exercise ball. Now this pink beauty can be used to do endless amounts of exercise, it is affordable as if you look hard enough you can get it under £10, it is versatile as you can also do yoga and stretches on it. Great overall for posture, (so you do not need a chair :p) as well as a must for working your core.

Ps: Check out my " a few benefits of a exercise ball" on my blog i also have a video where i talk about the few benefits and why you should invest in one.

Benefits :

  • Great for core workouts
  • Helps to fix bad posture and back pains
  • Versatile in the amount and range of exercises you can do
  • Affordable ( under £10) 
  • Easy to use 
  • Can use it for stretches and yoga (meditation, relaxation )
  • Generally suitable for most ages (above 18 i would recommend unless with a professional to prevent injury) 
  • Comes in a range of sizes 

Secondly , for those who do not go to the gym ( which i do not as i prefer at home training) the most useful for strength training and overall fitness is using a resistance band. This means you do not need dumbbells! Just because you can get a high intensity full body work out by using a resistance band, its just brilliant. A bonus is , it is inexpensive and travel friendly, you can also adapt it to your fitness level. Meaning if you are a beginner or professional you can change the amount of weight making it easy to use or hard to challenge yourself. 

Benefits :

  • Portable and travel friendly 
  • Full body workouts 
  • Great for all levels of fitness
  • Able to change the amount of weights for your preference
  •  Can be combined with other equipment
  • Inexpensive 
  • Great for challenging your muscles
  • Brilliant for weight loss as you can do compound workouts and movements
  • Can do familiar workouts such as : 
  1. Biceps curls
  2. overhead press 
  3. bent over row
  4. squats 

The next equipment is the most basic, A exercise mat ( mine is creased as we can see!!!). Everyone should have one of these just because no one wants to do workouts on the bumpy lumpy ground. Yes, eventually you will be doing workouts which involve using a mat, such as ab crunches , leg raises, oblique curls and many more, so it would be wise to get a mat just for your own comfort it can make such as difference. 


  • Inexpensive
  • portable ( can use outside like i do)
  • Great for a comfortable workout
  • soft and squidgy 

Next on my list of top favorites is the one and only skipping rope. To be honest i regret getting one which is plastic, hurts so bad if i go all bent. Apart from that this classic equipment gives you a great cardio workout, just because you are using the whole of your body, and can range the speeds for high or low intensity. It is simple but effective and totally inexpensive, ( can get one for under £5)

Benefits :

  • Full body workout
  • inexpensive
  • portable
  • travel friendly and does not take space
  • use it anywhere (as long as it is not on a cliff :p)
  • Great for joints 
  • range of speeds at your control 

Moving on , you can not have all your equipment and have nothing to carry it all in, so that is why you need a large bag. It is the most obvious but some of us forget how handy it can be. For those who do not have a car , it can be a great help just because carrying your basic equipment to use in the outdoors or wherever your going can be so rewarding as you feel proud and also get a workout by lifting! 

Benefits :

  • portable
  • Colorful
  • unisex
  • great for workouts
  • travel friendly 
  • inexpensive 

For those who are looking for a challenge and more of a upper body workout, i would invest in a pull up bar, with this you can drill it into a secure wall, and get a great core work out as well as work that back. It is a challenge as first you would need to be the suitable  bf% to safety use the equipment so that you do not put too much strain on your arms, so do ask a doctor before you start.

Benefits :

  • Easy to use
  • range of workouts
  • great for core and supper body
  • advanced training 

Last but not least, for those who are looking for an even simpler method for an overall workout, i would recommend buying some dumbbells, yes the resistant bands are more versatile but you can still get a great workout with some dumbbells. They do not need to be 100kg to be getting some strength training, i generally use 1-5 kg , just to get some free weights into my routine, as well as using it with other exercise to get the whole body going. 

Benefits :

  • Portable
  • upper body workout
  • inexpensive
  • variety of exercises
  • ranges of weights
  • strength training (great for loosing weight)
  • Brilliant for toning

These are the basics i keep at home, you do not need to have state of the art equipment to get a great workout, most fitness professionals can tell you that! As a trainer, one thing i have noticed is that a large amount of people buy expensive equipment and leave them to look good in there homes to gather dust, such as treadmills, you can get just as a good workout by running up a hill, its free and fresh with no use of electricity. Same with a bike machine, or a elliptical, rather than increase your electrical bill , you have open nature to run around as it is great for the mind and spirit as well as you get a FULL body workout and great for your heart. I hope i have inspired you to save money of course as well as invest in some of the basics.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Aloo chaat - recipe 3

Looking for a simple but healthy snack? you might want to try this! A Indian inspired dish ( with my alterations), which is great finger food and can be made to your preference ( for those who do not like spice). So lets get started.


  • 3 medium Potatoes 
  • chilli powder (optional)
  • salt/pepper
  • cumin seeds
  • lemon juice 
  • 1 tomato ( i prefer to use 7 cherry tomatoes or you can use 2 large)
  • cucumber (my twist)
  • red and white onion ( 1 red 1 white)
  • mango powder (optional)
  • ice cube lettuce ( my twist)
  • vegetable oil

  • oven
  • large bowl 
  • spoon
  • plate

1) Firstly chop up your potatoes into small pieces (preheat your oven to medium temperature), normally these are fried in oil, but as we are trying to keep this healthy we will be using the oven.

2) Once you have chopped your potatoes , pop them in the oven on medium temperature  (every oven is different so can not give specifics ) Drizzle with oil (remember use a oven proof dish). While you wait for them too cook which should be when they are golden brown and soft inside, should take 15 minutes but depends on how big you have cut them and also your oven. Now to the vegetables, finally chop up your tomatoes, cucumbers and onions and pop them into the large bowl.  

3) Once your potatoes are nice and golden brown and cooked, add them to the bowl.

4) Now to add the spices, firstly add some salt (up to you how much ), lemon, mango powder, pepper , chilli (up to you how much) and cumin. ( you can fry the cumin in a pan to release the flavour but since we are trying not to fry anything lets not)

5) Then, mix all the ingredients and taste if anything is needed.
6) Finally pop them onto some Ice cube lettuce and they are ready to eat!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

my version of a healthy stir fry

Hi guys, i'm back with another recipe. Stir fry. A quick, simple but tasty meal ideal for those who have a limited amount of time but want something filling. Although it is not the classic ingredients due to making it simpler for those who do not like complex cooking, it is still the same great taste we love, so try it out, be brave!

Ingredients :
PS: These are a guideline, feel free to remove anything you do not like and add as many vegetables as you want, just cut them in equal width so they cook together and faster!

  • Onions ( 3 medium or 4 small or  2 large, what ever you have available) 
  • ginger or garlic or both ( as much or as little as you want)
  • Chill oil ( as much or as little as you want)
  • Soya (soy)  sauce
  • oyster sauce (optional)
  • oil ( i use vegetable)
  • salt ( i put a pinch, but optional for health reasons)
  • peppers ( green or red or yellow, your choice)
  • meat ( chicken or pork, or lamb, beef )   i prefer chicken/pork as it is lean and high in protein  
Equipment :

  • wok or a pot ( one for meat one for noodles) 
  • fork
  • plate

1) As usual heat up your wok/ pot to high with a drop of oil, once you can see steam coming of the pot lower it down so you do not get burnt. Chop up your onions in thin slices and add to the pot.

2) while your onions are getting brown ( this will happen fast so watch out, keep mixing now and again to make sure they do not burn) you can chop your garlic/ginger your choice and add them in once your onions are translucent.

3) once your onions are brown, put them on low heat while you cut your peppers ( you can cut your peppers in advance) .

4) Next add in your peppers to the pot and put the gas back on high heat, and please watch them so they do not burn  PS my onions in this picture are light brown because i added mine early, but you should brown them as above is shown, it adds more flavor!

5) while you wait for your peppers to cook, chop up your meat, once your peppers have become softer add in the meat, chop them in thin slices so they cook evenly and faster.  keep on high heat

6) While your waiting for your meat to cook, you can add your noodles into a pot of boiling water to soften.

7) Once your meat has got some color (brown and cooked) , add in your salt, pepper, chili,oyster sauce ( 1 tea spoon), soya sauce ( 2 table spoons, or a few splashes ) and noodles Taste if you need more and your done, Enjoy 

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Hi guys, the weather today was beautiful, so of course i was going to take advantage. I decided to wear a midi dress which has three quarter sleeves, the good thing about midi dresses are that because they are body hugging they are surprising comfy. I decided to pair them with some light pink wedges, and as i was going out i wore a plain black jacket (as it contrast to my graphic midi)  just in case it rained, as the weather here in England is unpredictable!

beach waves

neck issues xd 
Full outfit, hair just made it all dramatic 

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Recipe 1 : Meat sauce and pasta

My version of the classic meat sauce with pasta, a hearty but healthy dish. For those who have allergies or for  health reasons do not want to add the ingredient  i will try to include a substitute. Happy cooking!
( meal for 5 actually) 

  • Organic Chicken/pork/lamb or beef mince meat of your choice ( amount is up to how many your feeding)
  • salt ( reduce salt as i do if you have high blood pressure)
  • basil ( works great with tomato)
  • rosemary 
  • organic tomato tins ( you can have plum, or chopped )
  • Onions ( i used 5 small ones , or 3 big ones or 4 medium ones)
  • balsamic vinegar and malt vinegar 
  • pinch of sugar for taste ( this is optimal) 
  • low fat cheese (optional, my brother loves this one)
  • Oil ( i use vegetable oil )
  • Pasta (spaghetti, penne,)
  • garlic
  • chili ( this is optional )
Tools :
  • 2 pots
  • plate and fork 
  • oven proof dish ( if you want your cheese melted )
 1) Heat up a pan with a few drops of oil, chop up your onions into thin slices, and pop them into the pan. Keep the gas on high as we want to brown them, but keep watch so they do not burn. 

2) While your onions begin to get brown, chop up some garlic ( two cloves) and add them to the pot,lowering your heat so they do not burn. 

3) Wait till your onions have turned brown and reduced ( caramelized for that sweet taste).

4) Now add your mince meat and mix, depending on your meat cook appropriately, i cooked pork mince for 30 minutes, at high first to give it a nice brown color then lowering the gas.

5) Cook until your meat is nice and browned and fully cooked ( taste if needed) 

6)While your meat is still on low heat and cooking, boil your pasta, make sure there is enough water to cover the pasta. Cooking times are on the pasta bag :)

7)Now add your tomato's, rosemary and basil. half a tea spoon, add your chili , balsamic, malt vinegar ( few tea spoons ) pinch of sugar and  leave this to simmer for 20 minutes 

8) Once you have mixed your tomato's and let it simmer on low heat for 20 minutes the color should change to a darker deep red as the picture shows. 

9)Your pasta should be cooked , make sure you can easily break it with your fingers, then mix this into the pasta, you can add more salt add you have added pasta if needed, and it should be ready to serve. Taste to check if anything more is needed and your good to go. If you are adding cheese, sprinkle onto your pasta and put it into a oven proof dish leave for 5 minutes on high ( please watch it ) and enjoy once the cheese is nice and brown! 

Final result and enjoy , leave any comments below if you have tried the recipe thank you.

Audience responses 

Big thank you to ( Kristjan zelko ) For trying out my recipe and enjoying it with the family!