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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Basic at home equipment for beginners

Are you starting a fitness plan, but need help organizing what you will need ? Well fear not, it can be daunting buying fitness equipment as there is a whole range of equipment for advanced and beginners. But if you are just getting started i hope to help you out by putting together the basic at home equipment you can buy relatively cheap at most sports stores, which also can be used to do a variety of exercises without spending a fortune on a at home gym.

Disclaimer :

: (Try these at your own risk , if you have experienced pain, discomfort,shortness of breathe, dizziness, stiffness or any other symptoms please consult your doctor, do not stand on the ball as it is dangerous and use on a smooth, secure flat environment, and consult a physician before embarking on a new fitness regime)

Please do stretch if you do attempt to do any of these exercise, and no fitness plan is complete without having a healthy diet, and of course you can have cheat days as long as you work it off ( should not be saying that but it is the truth ) 

Firstly let me begin with my favorite, the exercise ball. Now this pink beauty can be used to do endless amounts of exercise, it is affordable as if you look hard enough you can get it under £10, it is versatile as you can also do yoga and stretches on it. Great overall for posture, (so you do not need a chair :p) as well as a must for working your core.

Ps: Check out my " a few benefits of a exercise ball" on my blog i also have a video where i talk about the few benefits and why you should invest in one.

Benefits :

  • Great for core workouts
  • Helps to fix bad posture and back pains
  • Versatile in the amount and range of exercises you can do
  • Affordable ( under £10) 
  • Easy to use 
  • Can use it for stretches and yoga (meditation, relaxation )
  • Generally suitable for most ages (above 18 i would recommend unless with a professional to prevent injury) 
  • Comes in a range of sizes 

Secondly , for those who do not go to the gym ( which i do not as i prefer at home training) the most useful for strength training and overall fitness is using a resistance band. This means you do not need dumbbells! Just because you can get a high intensity full body work out by using a resistance band, its just brilliant. A bonus is , it is inexpensive and travel friendly, you can also adapt it to your fitness level. Meaning if you are a beginner or professional you can change the amount of weight making it easy to use or hard to challenge yourself. 

Benefits :

  • Portable and travel friendly 
  • Full body workouts 
  • Great for all levels of fitness
  • Able to change the amount of weights for your preference
  •  Can be combined with other equipment
  • Inexpensive 
  • Great for challenging your muscles
  • Brilliant for weight loss as you can do compound workouts and movements
  • Can do familiar workouts such as : 
  1. Biceps curls
  2. overhead press 
  3. bent over row
  4. squats 

The next equipment is the most basic, A exercise mat ( mine is creased as we can see!!!). Everyone should have one of these just because no one wants to do workouts on the bumpy lumpy ground. Yes, eventually you will be doing workouts which involve using a mat, such as ab crunches , leg raises, oblique curls and many more, so it would be wise to get a mat just for your own comfort it can make such as difference. 


  • Inexpensive
  • portable ( can use outside like i do)
  • Great for a comfortable workout
  • soft and squidgy 

Next on my list of top favorites is the one and only skipping rope. To be honest i regret getting one which is plastic, hurts so bad if i go all bent. Apart from that this classic equipment gives you a great cardio workout, just because you are using the whole of your body, and can range the speeds for high or low intensity. It is simple but effective and totally inexpensive, ( can get one for under £5)

Benefits :

  • Full body workout
  • inexpensive
  • portable
  • travel friendly and does not take space
  • use it anywhere (as long as it is not on a cliff :p)
  • Great for joints 
  • range of speeds at your control 

Moving on , you can not have all your equipment and have nothing to carry it all in, so that is why you need a large bag. It is the most obvious but some of us forget how handy it can be. For those who do not have a car , it can be a great help just because carrying your basic equipment to use in the outdoors or wherever your going can be so rewarding as you feel proud and also get a workout by lifting! 

Benefits :

  • portable
  • Colorful
  • unisex
  • great for workouts
  • travel friendly 
  • inexpensive 

For those who are looking for a challenge and more of a upper body workout, i would invest in a pull up bar, with this you can drill it into a secure wall, and get a great core work out as well as work that back. It is a challenge as first you would need to be the suitable  bf% to safety use the equipment so that you do not put too much strain on your arms, so do ask a doctor before you start.

Benefits :

  • Easy to use
  • range of workouts
  • great for core and supper body
  • advanced training 

Last but not least, for those who are looking for an even simpler method for an overall workout, i would recommend buying some dumbbells, yes the resistant bands are more versatile but you can still get a great workout with some dumbbells. They do not need to be 100kg to be getting some strength training, i generally use 1-5 kg , just to get some free weights into my routine, as well as using it with other exercise to get the whole body going. 

Benefits :

  • Portable
  • upper body workout
  • inexpensive
  • variety of exercises
  • ranges of weights
  • strength training (great for loosing weight)
  • Brilliant for toning

These are the basics i keep at home, you do not need to have state of the art equipment to get a great workout, most fitness professionals can tell you that! As a trainer, one thing i have noticed is that a large amount of people buy expensive equipment and leave them to look good in there homes to gather dust, such as treadmills, you can get just as a good workout by running up a hill, its free and fresh with no use of electricity. Same with a bike machine, or a elliptical, rather than increase your electrical bill , you have open nature to run around as it is great for the mind and spirit as well as you get a FULL body workout and great for your heart. I hope i have inspired you to save money of course as well as invest in some of the basics.