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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Current lunch/dinner and snacks diet

After a pleasant breakfast my metabolism begins to start working as i feel hungry after a few hours which is great as it means i am working off my previous meal and ready to refuel!

PS: i prefer to have smaller meals frequently than eating large portions after hours. Reason for this one i can get just as much fuel from a smaller portion than a larger portion which will make me feel bloated and have my stomach stretched out which is not needed. Secondly smaller portions throughout the day help my metabolism speed up as i keep it working helping me break down foods as if i have a larger portion my digestive system works harder, especially at night.

Top tip: keep hydrated throughout  the day, you might just be dehydrated not hungry which can also help you eat in moderation that crave food.

Currently i am not on any supplement as in protein shakes, as i am not on any specific fitness goal neither am i trying to loose weight as i am at a healthy stage so i just try to maintain it. Doing so i do not cut out protein from my diet as it is vital for general health, but if you are lactate intolerant, try rice milk almond milk or even skimmed milk which is what i have. ( take at your own risk as everyone is different). 

So lets get into it then, for my lunch i like to have a chicken or tuna salad which includes:  
  • Lean organic chicken is a great source of  low fat protein, which  has a high density and a good source of selenium, zinc, niacin, Vitamin E,  and Vitamins B6 and B12.
  • cherry tomatoes , which are sweet in taste and have less calories and no fat , helps prevent chronic diseases
  • tuna has high protein content, great for nails . hair and bones, also can prevent a stroke and is great source of omega 3 
  • salad the great greens of course , fat free and low in calories, great for those loosing weight.
  • sweetcorn is low in calories, and comes from simpler carbohydrates, great for skin and vision
  • shredded carrot , carrots only contain 16 calories, fat free and a great super food. 
  • cucumbers, are low in calories as they are water based and another super food with vital vitamins and nutrients
PS: for dressing i like to keep it plain as it is just as tasty or if i feel like it i have a splash of lemon (great for immune system and cleansing the stomach) and vinegar as i love a tang.

Another favorite lunch meal i would have would be a sandwich which i would include:

  • Wholemeal brown bread , great for weight loss, complex carbohydrate 
  • chicken or ham which is high in protein , but eat the pork in moderation as it does contain salt if not organic to help stop bacteria growth in the meat.
  • low fat butter include vitamin A ,c 
  • salad
  • cucumber 
  • tomatoes
  • cheese , low fat cheese ( if your on weight loss program cut down on cheese ) although it does have protein and calcium 
As for dinner i will be including some recipes which i love to make, they will be easy and tasty of course, just make sure to eat in moderation and smaller portions as you need the energy. Men and women of course eat different portions as we have different body types and BMI so make sure your eating enough and including your micro nutrients  as well as those macro nutrients. 

My advice would be to have most of your carbohydrates in the morning with your lunch and breakfast so that you burn these of in the day, as we need the energy to do our daily chores. While throughout the day minimizing it so that you include more vegetables (super foods) and fruit, as well as including your meats. 

Disclaimer : Everyone has different goals and body types so i can not recommend what to eat as neither am i a dietitian but as a instructor, i can tell you what i eat and what i advise my family and friends which help to keep them healthy, as different fitness goals require different portions of food and different supplements. What i eat may not work for you, so try and find out what is best for your body type and what helps, these are just MY guidelines for those who need a few tips.

As for snacks , which we all need as we will not be cooking all day, and of course we have work and most of us just do not have the time to prepare meals and eat them on time. So this is why you can get a boost of energy just by the snack you eat before you are on your work break or ready to cook. 

Snacks i like to include between meals are : 

  • Almonds or raw cashews , great source of protein and healthy fats
  • Fruits such as bananas which is high in potassium, great for digestion and energy as well as grapes which are great for keeping unwanted diseases at bay. Apples a great source of fiber which we get from the skin
  • yogurt with cherries which is great source of protein as well as cherries are a great super fruit as they are a antioxidant and help those loosing weight

These are a few meals and snack i like to have, i will be updating as always on any more diet tips i can give, keep a look out for some of my recipes which i will include pictures for those who need the extra help and have a wonderful day.