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Monday, 25 August 2014

Spot reduction :THE MYTH

For those who do not know what spot reduction is ( no i am not talking about getting rid of acne, sorry!) it is the myth that has been spread about loosing weight in a particular part of the body. When i first learnt about this i was really fascinated by this concept of loosing weight in a particular place, for instance a majority of women i have worked with wish to get rid of their baby fat or just tuck there tummy in, and i have seen them spend hours in the gym doing ab workouts! That is what got me. SPOT REDUCTION IS JUST A MYTH! Reason why you ask? Because the body just does not work that way sad to say. The trick is to loose general weight all over to see results.

Yes you will be fooled into buying advertising products who market their goods claiming to help you lose weight in certain places of the body, but that is where they're wrong. You need to focus on your overall weight loss in order to get results. Unfortunatley women mostly lose weight from their hips and mid section and underarms last!

Reasons for why it takes longer for some people to gain and loose weight are many, but in my few it is mainly caused by the body type you are -

Ectomorphs - someone who has a slender body type and finds it hard to put on weight or muscle
Endomorph-someone who gains weight mostly in the hip section can gain or loose weight fast and finds it relativelty easier to gain muscle in my opinion
Mesomorph-someone who has a built body easy to build muscle

For these reasons you would need a taloried diet and fitness plan so that you're eating enough for your body type and exercising with the right fitness plan in order to see results!

DISCLAIMER- try at your own risk and in your own limits. Everyone is different so you will see results depending on your body type and fitmess plan. If you are staring for the first time inform a doctor for health checks and if you feel any pain or discomfort stop straight away and consult a doctor these are only guidlines so do as many as you feel comfortable!

However fear not, here are my suggestions on how to lose weight and the few of many high intensity workouts you could do to lose weight and have you sweating!

1). Burpees -
This is one of my all time favourites, with this exercise you are using compound movements which means using a number of actions which target more than one muscle which is ideally what you want in losing weight. In any fitness plan i highly reccommend incoperating compound movements rather than focusing on one muscle, the abs for example are a smaller muscle compared to your quadrecips in the legs and hamstrings, this only makes sense that you work your leg muscles aswell.
•3x10 repitions (do as many as you feel comfortable doing! Do not over do it)
•1 minute rest inbetween if needed
•plenty of water and sip it to avoid bloating

Ps- if you can not do sit ups, fear not you can use your knees as shown below to help distrubute the weight making it easier!

2) mountain climbers
Now this exercise definetly makes you feel like you're climbing Mount Everest! Its high intensity and yes compound. It mainly focuses on core which is brilliant as well as biceps, triceps ,deltiods,pectorials (arm) , quadriceps, hamstrings ,calves, hip flexiors just to name a few! So why not get down and try it you can feel the results yourself.
•3x 2 minutes ( do as long as you can do not over do it!)

3) skipping
An old time favourite of mine, for those who do not have joint problems i do recommened skipping as it is inexpensive and a great cardio workout and of course portable!

4) woodchop
This workout is a great overall body workout, you're working those larger muscles in the legs as well as those shoulders hip flexiors and core! Another great compound workout. It is all about keeping great form and making sure you breathe throughout each movement. If you do not have a medicene ball you can use a exercice ball or a litre of water in a bottle, anything which feels comfortable to hold which is not too heavy which will cause strain!
•1 minute break for those who need it
•drink water between only sips

5) jumping jacks
Another compound exercise great cardio and totally inexpensive great for warming up!
•1 minute break
•drink water inbetween only sips

6) jogging on the spot( in super speed)
Yes this one's a killer but worth it, inexpensive and great high intensity. Kills the calves and great for loosing weight. On the spot run as fast as you can in short explosive movements.
•3x 1 minute (do as many as you can)
• drink plenty of water only sips

I hope i helped with my top 6 exercises for loosing weight. There are more than thousands of exercises if you think about it, but i do not want to scare you with a list, so start with a few and progress to help aviod a platue( boredom of an exercise can cause the body to stop responsing to it) so have fun and enjoy!