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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

summer blues

Hiya, sorry for not posting in a while englands weather has been terrible hence why i titled this post summer blues, I WANT SUNSHINE! Apart from that, todays look i had wore a full sleeve crop top as it was kinda cold today, with some washed out jeans (the ones with the slits on the knees if your wondering) and paired them with some white buckled heels which i love the design of to finish the look.

For accsesories i had worn a gold long chained pendant with midi rings also in gold, as well as a gold watch and braclet to dress the look up although this outfit you could wear some white slip ons if you find that comfortable! Lastly i paired this all with a white, brown and black satchel as they are my go to bag just because i can comfortable fit all my things as well as it becomming a cross body bag if i can not be bothered to hold it :P

Have a wonderful day xx