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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Maybelline colour sensation lip gloss:review

Hiya, this would be my first makeup review and i have decided to review the maybelline colour sensation lip gloss just because i saw the ad on tv and thought i would like to try it. Personally i prefer lip stains as they last long and look more or less natural depending on the colour( as i use a pinkish lip stain just to add a natural tint), so when i saw this ad, the description matched what i am looking for, a moisturizing, creaming gloss with a vibrant colour but did it pay off?

Well my first impressions were of course the sleek packaging it came in , compact slim and just appealing to the eye. However the colour intensity you see on the glass casing is not as bright on your lip( in my case) .

For me i found the colour not too bright and not to light , just like a lip balm. I would prefer it to be as intense as the ad on tv although on the other hand it has been smooth and hydrates the lips as it does last a few hours before the colour starts to fade. It also has a fruity smell and slight taste which is pleasent for my case which is a plus of course.

Overall i would say the product is ALRIGHT i would give it a 5/10 just for moisturizing, non sticky  and hydrating factor, also because it is afforable retailing at £6 in the uk, but for colour it is not so vivid but i guess it is a gloss after all.

I hope this review helped i am not sponsered all my honest oppinion. Xx