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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The amazing nicky clarke flexi stylers review : best for lasting curles

Hiya, i had recently discovered a new styling product recommened by my sisters friend. Due to my sister having thicker, longer hair than me she had been finding it hard to find a product that would style her hair without burning it in order to keep a curl. That is when we was introduced to NICKY CLARKE flexi stylers, they are long styling tools which you heat up, wrap into the hair, leave for the amount recommened and your left with gorgeous curls.

Tutorials below -
After doing some research, and checking out the website, many people have given the product a high rating which of course made us want to try it out. The product retails for £24.99 which is a great price considering how well it works.
First impressions when the product arrived was
. Easy to open
. Easy to read instruction
And generally a great looking product. Before trying out the product i had watched a few youtube videos shown by nicky clarke himself, showing how to use the product and what styles you can do with it. So of course i had to try it out.

Ps : my hair type is medium, fine hair as well as straight

Styles your hair in 30 minutes (for me) , tight curles which can be loosened and styled as well as lasting. Also the flexie stylers heat up quite fast and easy to manage as well as not being too hot that your hair fry.

You do need practice in my case if you want to get the correct style of curles. Also it can be painfull when your hair gets tangled but that is mainly going to happen if you do not put them in properly. Also you have to straighten them before putting them away, which i found annoying as they do not stay the same after the first use.

Overall i would say the styling tool is an amazing product i have been using it for a few weeks now and have mastered the style i want. It does give amazing results and i would highly recommend it. Rating 9/10

Disclaimer- i am not sponsered this is my honest opinion