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Sunday, 13 December 2015

My top 3 favourite LUSH COSMETICS To fight troublesome skin!

Hey everyone, today's post is one that I hope many people find helpful if you have problematic skin. Lush is a brand that many people are familiar with and have come to love for it's organic and fresh formulars. I personally am new to the brand and came across it on Instagram, I had read a lot of great reviews and thought I would do my research on which ones help keep the skin clear and exfoliated as makeup can clog the pores, which is why I needed Lush in my life! Below I will give my review on the three I have used and given as presents to family because they are just great products for all types of skin.
Ps: The reviews I will be giving are based on mine and my families thoughts on the product. Our skin types vary from dry, oily and combination skin as well as to acne prone and fairly clear skin.

Ocean salt : 
So to begin with, ocean salt has become one of my top favourites just because of how well it exfoliates my skin. I have fairly clear skin and begin to get a few spots when that time in the month comes, so that is when I try my best to exfoliate more often, to help prevent spots in the first place. The product smells minty and fresh to me which is something I love as you know it's going to do wonders for your skin when it does not smell full of perfumes and various other ingredients. The comments I got from family and friends who have used the product have been great and that their skin feels "baby soft" and makeup looks more flawless! Just beware when you're exfoliating you're not scrubbing your skin too hard as I did that once and my face turned nice and red afterwards.

Cosmetic warrior: 
Next up is cosmetic warrior, just in the name you know it's going to be fighting away those spots. In this product many people get put off by the smell of garlic and eggs. However you rather know where the smell is coming from that having some scented product doing nothing good for your skin, so I am perfectly happy with the smell. This also has personally helped me and my family members with breakouts. Of course it does not get rid of them completely but my skin looks much clearer and feels so fresh once I have removed the face mask. I researched on this product to find that it is great for blackheads as well which I do not have so can not confirm that, as well as good for oily skin.

Grease lighting:
First things first I really love the name for this product , very creative. So yeah the use for the product is in the name, it helps reduce grease build up on the skin and "strikes the spots"  This can be a annoying issue for when you have set your makeup and hours later your looking greasy and have to go touch up. For me I do not have greasy skin only if it gets hot then I start to get a little oily, however I mostly have dry skin so my review on this product comes from a family member who does have oily combination skin a and is prone to acne. They have said "it helps reduce the appreance of red spots and calms irritated skin down" which I would say is great for those who get red spots which are visible through makeup and hard to hide.

Packaging :
Now LUSH I believe has the most unique packaging, just because they have the person who made that particular tub face on the packaging. Which I think is a great idea and really rewarding towards the staff who work hard to make it!

Formular and application:
Lush Fights against animal testing and also reuses the packaging which is great and eco friendly as they state that it is all ethically brought, meaning they know where their ingredients come from and how they are made. Not to mention their handmade products are fresh hence why some have a short expiry date which shows that there is not loads of preservatives infused inside. The formulars are different depending on the product as of course they use fresh ingredients so for instance ocean salt has salt grains so the texture is grainy.

The product's vary smell to smell depending on the ingredients as they're fresh. Some are strong as the cosmetic warrior as it has garlic and egg but i did not mind it at all.

Prices of course vary from product to product but i will link the three above below.

ocean salt

grease lightning

cosmetic warrior

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Ps.: if you bring 5 empty pots back to the store you get one cosmetic warrior for free!

I am not sponsored by LUSH cosmetics and these are my own thoughts and opinions on the products!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

OOTD day/night look + make up haul review continued (pt 3) NYX LIQUID SUEDE CREAM LIPSTICK

Hey there, hope your well! so as i have been posting purchases from mine and my sisters haul i thought i would include a outfit of the day, wearing one of the lip lacquers i had reviewed before, in a day/night look. Hope this inspires you to try out some of the gorgeous shades as i will be throughout the winter.

So as we all know it was the crazy black Friday sales not to mention cyber Monday, so of course i had to have a nose around for some bargains! Although i did not go crazy i did find a few cute items such as this military styled coat. Which for winter i know it is not practical as it will be summer on the inside and winter for the arms as its sleeveless, however the sacrifice we make for cute things are beyond me so yeah i definitely had to get it and for the price it was bonus. I wore the coat with a faint khaki colored roll neck jumper which is thin and comfortable as well as some black skinny jeans and my favorite ankle boots. This look can be worn in the day as well as the night as you can switch the boots for some heels, paired with a bold statement necklace and your on your way!

Slim strap wedged boots : £35 next
Khaki roll neck long sleeve top £8.99 new look ( comes in different colors)
Black sleeveless double button coat £17.99 ( comes in different colors )
Black skinny jeans £20 next
Lip lacquer i had used was "kooky" MUA LUXE  and a lip liner in " cappuccino" check out my recent haul posts for details.

So moving onto the third part of my haul the last of the lip products are the NYX LIQUID SUEDE CREAM LIPSTICK.
This is a brand i have brought many makeup items from which are good value for money and good quality. NYX at the moment are having discounts on there website so check them out.

Packaging : 
Packaging i have to say is just like a normal lip gloss from the brand in a tube bottle, however these do come with a cute gem at the end of the lid.

Formula and application:
 The lipstick is very creamy as it claims and does glide on very easily. However it does transfer and as for color pay off i did not find the lighter shades to be very pigmentation even when they dry matte. To me there more like a soft shade which is great if you want a hint of color. Although as for the darker shades which i prefer they are nice a vibrant. They do last a few hours as  they do not claim to be long lasting, so you would have to reapply.

Smell :
I personally did not find it to smell of anything which is good for those who do not like scented lipsticks.

For the price the lipsticks i would recommend as they are great for value and quality due to them being so creamy and lush. £6.50 depending on where you look.

Swatches of the following: -



Rating :  7/10

Disclaimer :  This post is not sponsored

PS: Thank you to my sister for participating and thank you for your time, business inquires or anything else my mail : xoxo

Thursday, 19 November 2015

MUA LUXE Lip Lacquer reviews ( makeup haul continued) pt2

Hey guys , time for the lip lacquers! So the three i have chosen from the collection are 'Zest' , 'Spry' and 'Kooky'. The reason why i wanted to try these shades where because two of them are not the  typical everyday colors (apart from the nude, Spry), so for all those adventurous people out there i had given them a shot and was surprise with the results!

Break down of the product-

Packaging :

The lip lacquers come in a glass tube which is nice and durable, as well as with a gold lid which had the company name printed on it.

Formula and application :

As for the formula me and my sister were shocked as to how pigmented the colour was as well as it being so cheap the quality i have to say is amazing! The texture is smooth, however the website does state that because it drys matte and when it does it can "emphasizes your flaws on the lips" it is best to exfoliate and apply a lip balm which we suggest as that is what we had done. Moreover what we had noticed was with the brighter shades such as 'Zest' and 'Kooky' is is best to apply a lip liner just to help make the application easier, as with dark shades it is a nightmare to remove if you make a mistake which we had alot of!

However although the lacquer drys matte which is great, it is so hard to take off which can be a good or bad  thing as it does last long as i wore it to work and did not reapply for 7 hours and it still looked good. Lastly on the application you only need one layer which is fantastic as i hate having to build up texture on the lips which then becomes grainy later on.


The smell however i think let the product down, just because when my sister had wore it she began to get a head ache as it was strong for her. As for me i was fine. The smell is like sweet like candy i would say, which is fine for some but for those who do not like fragrances it might be a bit too much to handle wearing it at first, however for me the smell fades once it drys.

Now the price i was impressed with, they retail for £3.00 each and i believe on there website right now they are having a offer for the whole collection for £18.00 ( which does not include 'Zest' and 'spry' )

Swatches of the following: 



Overall thoughts: 

Overall i would say for the price this is a great product, it is long lasting which is great aswell as it being "smudge proof" as the website states which i believe is true as it took a while trying to take it off! Also the thing i love most about the product is that it is so pigmented compared to other products i have seen which cost way more than this lip lacquer. The only thing that i would have a problem with is the smell which i do not think is for everyone as it is strong and as i said my sister did have a headache after wards. Mentioning that i would buy this product again and try more of the dark colours which look gorgeous on as in the photos shown and for the price it is a bargain!

Rating:  9/10

Disclaimer:  This product is not sponsored

PS: Thank you for your time, for any inquires my contact email : xoxo

Links to the collection and page :

 The swatches
collection bundle

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Gerard cosmetics lipstick reviews (makeup haul continued) pt1

Hey there, so for my first makeup haul review i will be starting with Gerard cosmetics. I personally am new to the brand and have heard many great reviews on there lip products.So was excited to try out some of there lipsticks.
Break down of the product    

Packaging :

The lipstick comes in a gorgeous gold casing in the shape of i believe a bullet, which is similar if not the same as the mac lipsticks, with the brand name printed on it. Although the casing is made i  would of expected it to be more durable.

Formula + application  :  

The lipstick when i applied it to my sister was very smooth and creamy which we all love in a lipstick as i hate when my lips become dry and cracked. The color i think was good, not too bright however i would of liked it to be a little more pigmented for the price , however it does say that the shades may vary on different skin tones. Moreover the formula is light on the lips and does not feel tacky as my sister described.

Smell :

The smell of the lipsticks to me and my sister is like some sort of toffee, so for those who do not like scented lipsticks then it might not be for you as the smell is quite strong.

Price : 

Retails for £12.50 each ($19) , however Gerard cosmetics have many deals and coupons going so look out for them!

Swatches of the following -



Overall thoughts : 

Overall i would say that the formula is really nice, it is creamy and has a sheer to matte finish as i noticed her lips were not cracking from the lack of moisture.  Although the packaging if i was being picky could be improve to something
more durable. More over the product does not claim to last long by any means however i did expect it to last on her for quite a long time due to the brand, but it did begin to fade around the corners! Which i am guessing you can expect with many lipsticks after eating and drinking throughout the day. For the price i would say there are many drug store products that i have used which have lasted longer and are highly pigmentation. Would i be purchasing the lipsticks again? maybe if there were deals going on as they are pretty and creamy but not as long lasting as i would like.

Rating :7/10

Disclaimer :   This post is not sponsored

PS: thank you for your time, for business inquiries or anything else my email :

Makeup haul!

Hey everyone so i have some exciting news for all those haul lovers, yes that's right, i will be posting and reviewing some of mine and my sisters recent purchases on lipsticks , lip lacquers and makeup palettes.

I will be including some of our favorite brands and featuring a review on one of our favorite makeup Guru's palette which we finally got our hands on! As well as all that good stuff i will be sampling the lipsticks and eye shadows so that you can see how they look on as well as helping you to choose your favorite,if your interested in purchasing any.

Just because we have quite a few to go through i will be uploading separate posts and reviews so that i can give details on the product and any comments on the formula and so on, so keep your eyes peeled for posts which i hope to keep regularly updating.

Disclaimer : This was not sponsored, all products were brought by ourselves

Make sure to keep up with our latest posts! links to mine and my sisters Instagram! xoxo
My sisters Instagram
My Instagram

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Naobay face toner + sass purifying cleanser review

Hey there, I'm back with another review! This time it is on my two current favorite skin products that have been working there magic to keep my skin soft and clear.

Firstly I would like to begin with the organic and natural calming face toner which I discovered as I was looking for a product that removed my makeup without leaving my skin dry after. What caught my eye firstly was the packaging it's simple yet I love the lid just because it reminds me of something on a exotic island , which has nothing to do with the product but yes that is what I was initially thinking , you know how I love the exotic stuff! Moving on to the u packaging and usage of the product, it does not have a harsh scent which is great for those who do not like fragrance, moreover it has a soft velvet like texture which I love as it is not sticky on the skin. 
My final thoughts on the product is that it definitely does what it says on the package it is calming on the skin which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, as well as it being gentle whilst removing my makeup. I found it to be moisturizing which is what I needed as I have dry skin as well as  cleansing which is why I have added this to my night routine and seem to be having the same great results in every use. However as for toning it has not made a huge impact on my uneven skin, but it is a great product for the price nevertheless.
Rating 9/10  price :£10.22 on amazon however other websites state £15

Disclaimer : There is a affiliate link on my homepage on the right border if you would like to purchase the face toner, which means i receive commission if you do decide to make a purchase. thank you ( i have brought both products myself and tested them and this is my honest opinion on them!

My second favorite is the SASS intimate purifying cleanser which is another product I love, which is cheaper yet gives the same great results. I love this product as it also is great for dry skin and just a overall cleansing product. I started to use this when i am  washing my face in the morning so that my skin is soft and refreshed for the day, also it has a slight fragrance  but I do not mind just because it does a great job on my skin nevertheless.

Rating 9/10 £7

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cowl necks

Hey everyone, for todays post i decided to post the outfit i recently wore to a birthday party. What i love about cowl necks are that they are gorgeous on and so comfortable to wear. When i saw michelle keegans new collection this dress totally stood out and i thought i had to get it! Not only is simple but classy it also inspired me to create this kim K look, as she is well known for her waterfall coats which are also in trend this season so i decided to pair it with a black shawl coat. To finish the look off i  had worn my favourite just fab heels and a black and gold watch .

Hope you enjoed this post xox jo

Michelle Keegans sleeveless cowl neck - 30
Just fab heels -35
katie shawl collar belted duster - 20
watch - was a present

Friday, 11 September 2015

Autumn polo necks

Hey guys, so one of the hottest trends this season seem to be the polo necks , whether in dress or jumper form they are comfortable yet stylish for fall.

Although fall isnt here yet , i decided to be ahead of the game and style a polo neck dress in moderately warm weather :P

Next polo neck dress -£25
Next ankle wedges -£30
khaki waterfall ONLY brand £37

Friday, 28 August 2015

My top 3 drugstore palette reviews

Hey guys! So it has been a while since my last post but I promise to be uploading much frequently now that I have more free time.

Today's post I will be talking about some of my favourite duplicates and affordable palettes on the market which are just as good as the high end brands! I have read loads of great reviews on these palettes and have tried out a few too.

Wet n wild icon collection palettes :

These palettes have always been affordable as well and giving a wide range of colour choices from evening to night shades as well as bright neon colours, which I think is awesome. They are very pigmented which is a bonus and can be used to create many different everyday looks. Moreover I found them to be super bendable which saves time when your on the go and want a smokey look fast.

However I would suggest that the packaging could be improved, as it is easily broken in your makeup bag when traveling around!

Rating : 9/10  price : from £4 - £6 depending on where you look

Makeup revolution naked chocolate palette :

So this palette has to be my favourite for a number of reasons. Firstly the gorgeous earthy tones which I can use on a daily basis to help create a brown smokey eye look or can be used as a beautiful transition shade. Moreover this palette I believe is the more affordable  duplication of the two faced chocolate palettes , which for the price this palette does a wonderful job and also has stunning shades to choose from.

These shades are also very blendable and highly pigmented, as well as coming in a adorable chocolate like package!

Rating : 10/10  Price £7.99

Costal scents Reveal 1/2/3 :

This palette Is believed to be another affordable duplicate of the naked palettes. Having similar shades just cheaper. Also being super blendable and highly pigmented which is what we all look for in any eye shadow palette, so that they last all day and night!

Rating 9/10 Price : £17.50

So these are my top three palettes, two of which family and friends have tried and was impressed by the colour payoff and price and one which I have brought myself and tried and loved, so I thought I would share them with you all ! Hope this helps in choosing your next palette and thanks for your time.

Disclaimer : I am not sponsored for any of these posts and reviews.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Khaki waterfall jackets

Hiya, so waterfall jackets have been really popular for the past few months they are versatile as you can get them in all styles fabrics and lengths which is great for dressing up or down a outfit. That's why for summer I am totally loving them as the one I am wearing in this outfit is super light weight and comfortable. Just makes me feel like I am flying all over the place xD moving on I wore a tank top in cream which I always think compliments khaki shades. Aswell as my dark denim jeans with some black strapped heels which are super comfy for summer. X

Khaki waterfall £37 NEXT branded section ONLY
Strapped heels brought a while back from new look
Jeans £20 boohoo
Tank top £6 forever 21

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Summer tan

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been ages since my last post , since I came back from holiday I have been so busy with my life that I just did not get time. However today is a gorgeous day in england so decided to shoot a few blog posts which I will be uploading throughout the month. Nevertheless back to the outfit.

 I had brought this tan camelish coat or so to say last year , which is warm but you never know with England's weather when it will rain, it is however so easy to style as the colour matches so many different jeans and tops. I decided to pair the coat with some ripped skinny jeans, some heels and my favourite crop black top from Nicole scherzinger gets collection which I also brought a while back. 
Hope you all enjoy your day, and fashion is all about mixing new and old trends to find your own style so don't be afraid to experiment! X

Tan coat £30 sheinside (last year)
Crop top £20 miss guided
Heels £30 new look

Saturday, 2 May 2015

khaki jumpsuit

Hey guys, so today i decided to embark on a trip in the forest up the mountainous regions nearby. As for my outfit i wore a utility khaki jumpsuit which is super light weight and comfortable in the heat. As for shoes, no i never wore my heels up the mountain, would of broke a bone or something so my partner carried them along for me, as i wore some comfy trainers. Lastly to add a little glam to the hike i wore a large black floppy hat, to help protect me from the sun as well as being fab! .

Utility khaki jumpsuit - Forever 21 - 22
Owl necklace - Venice
Gladiatior sandles - New look ( brought a while back)
Floppy hat - Next - 22

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My 10 top tips for travelling abroad

Hey guys, so to begin while i am still on holiday and still traveling from place to place soaking in all nature has to offer, i decided i should blog about how to pack for travel. As when i came across a dilemma i was so unsure what to do that i thought i would take the time to put together some tips that i came across and found extermely helpfull. XX

Tip 1 : How to pack clothes 

Rolling clothes helps to save sooooo much space and yet your clothes do not get creased which is a bonus, aswell as it keeps your suitcase neat and tidy! Also i would advice that you plan outfits ahead so that you wont over pack.

Tip 2 : Travel size liquids

When going through aiport secuiry it is important to have all your liquids in a zip lock plastic see through bag and that all the liquids must be under 100ml. Hence why i went shopping and brought all my lotions in travel size bottles. Best thing to do is on many websites you can just tpe travel size and  all the products come up.
These websites i used and found many travel size products : 
  • Smashbox
  • Asos
  • sephora 
  • Bare minerals,en_US,sc.html
  • Superdrug 

Tip 3 : Make up brushes 

As for makeup brushes the best thing i would suggest would be getting them off ebay, they are so cheap and good quality that it just makes sense unless you are a makeup artist and need your whole kits then thats also fine. But for me i was just using the brushes for myself so did not want to carry all my kit so brought some small travel sized ones instead which worked just as good.

Tip 4: Packing less

I learnt that it is better to pack less clothes and other items so that you have more space to bring back souveniers and any gifts or clothes you wish to bring back. That way you will not overpack and  try to squish in things at the end. 

Tip 5: Health cards (EHIC) / insurance 

When traveling abroad it is so important to get some sort of health insurance, whether it is an EU health card or insurance. This is for obvious reasons because we do not know how our body will react to the change in climate, food, ect. so it is better to be prepared. Talking from experience i was not staying hydrated enough and became weak and ill on my first week abroad which i did not expect as well as not eating any super foods such as fruits to help keep my immume system strong as the body does get stressed with all the travel, to make sure you pack fruits along with your carry on. 

Moreover medicine abroad is expensive, so if you are not insured you could be paying alot. Below i will link the free health card you can apply for when traveling abroad. 

Tip 6: Water

Stay hydrated and i suggest drinking only bottled water , never from a river or source as you do not know how your body will respond and your body is not used to certain bacteria found in different countries. 

Tip 7: Get vaccinated

Depending on where you are going make sure to stop by your local doctors and check if you need any vacinations for the country you are traveling to, better safe than sorry.

Tip 8: Identifcation 

In many countries it is illegal to be walking around without ID so make sure you have your passport or identifcation card with you at all times so you do not risk getting a fine. Also i had made a photo copy of my tickets and passport just in case they got lost and i would have a backup. 

Tip 9: Weather changes

Whereever you're going there is always a risk of the weather going bad, so make sure you do pack some warmer clothes / coller clothes so that you are prepared for the change.

Tip 10 : Airports

Depedning on which aiport you go if you have a connected flight make sure you check if your lugagge will be transported to your next flight so that you do not waste time waiting for your luggage to arrive. Not to mention always be early and plan ahead , if you need to get food or water make sure you get  it on time so that you are not rushing to your terminals or gates! 

PS : Personally i would check the travel company your flying with as to what food and drinks you can take into security so that you do not pay a fortune for food at the aiport as it is expensive, as from personal experience switzerlands airport had  burgers for 14 swiss franks which is 9 pounds in England which is quite expesnive for one burger from burger king! 


Monday, 27 April 2015

My OOTD for my 20th birthday

Heyy guys, so i finally turned the big 20 and decided to post some pictures of my outfit. As you  know those who follow me i am currently on vacation so of couse had to take advantage of the scenery and beautiful weather. ( More pictures on my instagram of the scenery)  and thank you for the birthday wishes ! xx

Dress - lipsy - 50
shoes - - 30
necklace - swarovski -a present
earings - swarovski - a present