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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dealing with negative energy - inner peace

Some point in our life we go through a period (for women literally) where we come across negative situations people or places that have a really big impact on our lives. It can change a person emotionally and physically as we can not find ways to cope with the negative change that happened. Speaking from experience i had found ways to deal with these situations and enable my self to understand how to deal with negative energy.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time" 

Understanding -

The most important thing you can remember in a negative situation is that you do not have control of anything accept yourself. For example someone writes a negative comment on your picture, you might already have low self esteem and some moody person decides to ruin your evening with a negative comment. Before getting upset and letting yourself get wound up by it say to yourself why should you be affected by someone miles away who you may or may not know, why should you  give them the satisfaction they want? You most certainly can not change who they are but you can change how you respond to the negative person. They most probably are lonely and insecure about themselves. So block and delete them out your life rather than responding negatively back and lowering yourself to there level.

"Think positive and positive things will happen" 


The worst of events have the biggest effect on our lives especially the unexpected ones. Dealing with this is the most challenges as we always look for things to blame especially ourselves. When the best thing is to learn acceptance. Yes it is a lot to ask but learning to accept what has happened is a good way to start dealing with the negative situation. Acceptance is a start of looking at the situation with a clear mind, this is so you can learn to cope with what has happened rather than over thinking what you could or should not of done, because either way over thinking will not change what has happened. For example , from personal experience someone close to me had broken there ankle, she already suffered from panic attacks so breaking her ankle just made it worse. This is why helping her to accept what has happened really helped her cope, as she was blaming herself and going over the situation, thinking what if she never went outside, what if she never done this or that, but over thinking never changed the fact her ankle was broken.

" You can't always appreciate the good days if we don't have the bad ones" 


Whenever faced with a troubling situation letting your feelings out can be a starting point in dealing with the situation. Such as speaking to a family member , friend, calling the helpline , anyone with a pair of ears to listen. This is because building up resentment , hate anger and frustrating inside can have a negative impact on your health. Hence why you are able to notice when someone is going through a rough time, they either have loss a lot of weight, or even gained weight with the stress, looking dull and depressed. Letting your feelings out can help you feel less under stress as you can share the burden your facing , as well as having someone to help you go through the situation and offer there advice.

" The less you respond to negative people the more peaceful your life will become " 

Organize yourself -

Being able to organised yourself can really help when dealing with a negative situation, it can help you keep on track if your going through a rough patch, as when were under stress we forget ourselves and begin to add more problems to our list. For example if unfortunately someone close has passed away, and your of course still in shock, then you have a load of more responsibilities to take care of it can seem like a daunting task. Hence why i suggest keeping organised, making a plan of the things you need to do so you of course do not forget and can lower the stress levels than forgetting and adding to the load.

" Keep people in your life that will, love you , support you , care for you , respect you and make you happy" 

Keeping positive-

Lastly i would always suggest to keep a positive open mind, never let any negative situation bring you down or change who you are because "pain is only temporary" and it does not define who you are. Keeping a positive mind and thinking that there is light at the end of this situation and you are bigger than this can give you the lift you need. As i always say to myself, there are people going through worse out there so be grateful for the things i do have.