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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mac studio face and body foundation review

Hey guys, today's review is on the MAC studio face and body foundation. I have been using it for about a month now and honestly I can say it is not what I expected compared to some drug store foundations I have used.

Firstly the bottle it comes in is not as convenient as it looks just because it can get messy and you can of course pour more than you need which I have done, whereas if it was in a pump, it would, in my opinion be less messy and easier to use.

Moreover the foundation offers light coverage so it is good for a "no make up" look but if you are trying to cover up any flaws such as discolouration (redness), under eye dark circles or hyper pigmentation, I do not believe this is the best, as throughout the day the foundation does "wear off", and does transfer. It does not give a flawless look in my opinion hence why I mentioned it has a light coverage.

As for using it on my body, apart from my face I only use it on my neck but a tiny amount as it does transfer. Not to mention when you first apply the foundation it has a wet look which you must let it set as well as applying a translucent powder, moreover it does not give a cakey look.

Finally I have dry skin so the fact that the foundation is wet is good as it does not dry my skin out, however I would prefer a better coverage for the price and brand. I would not buy it again to be honest, as for the price there are better foundations on the market and personally I would prefer a foundation with more coverage.

Rating 5/10 price £21.50