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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My 10 top tips for travelling abroad

Hey guys, so to begin while i am still on holiday and still traveling from place to place soaking in all nature has to offer, i decided i should blog about how to pack for travel. As when i came across a dilemma i was so unsure what to do that i thought i would take the time to put together some tips that i came across and found extermely helpfull. XX

Tip 1 : How to pack clothes 

Rolling clothes helps to save sooooo much space and yet your clothes do not get creased which is a bonus, aswell as it keeps your suitcase neat and tidy! Also i would advice that you plan outfits ahead so that you wont over pack.

Tip 2 : Travel size liquids

When going through aiport secuiry it is important to have all your liquids in a zip lock plastic see through bag and that all the liquids must be under 100ml. Hence why i went shopping and brought all my lotions in travel size bottles. Best thing to do is on many websites you can just tpe travel size and  all the products come up.
These websites i used and found many travel size products : 
  • Smashbox
  • Asos
  • sephora 
  • Bare minerals,en_US,sc.html
  • Superdrug 

Tip 3 : Make up brushes 

As for makeup brushes the best thing i would suggest would be getting them off ebay, they are so cheap and good quality that it just makes sense unless you are a makeup artist and need your whole kits then thats also fine. But for me i was just using the brushes for myself so did not want to carry all my kit so brought some small travel sized ones instead which worked just as good.

Tip 4: Packing less

I learnt that it is better to pack less clothes and other items so that you have more space to bring back souveniers and any gifts or clothes you wish to bring back. That way you will not overpack and  try to squish in things at the end. 

Tip 5: Health cards (EHIC) / insurance 

When traveling abroad it is so important to get some sort of health insurance, whether it is an EU health card or insurance. This is for obvious reasons because we do not know how our body will react to the change in climate, food, ect. so it is better to be prepared. Talking from experience i was not staying hydrated enough and became weak and ill on my first week abroad which i did not expect as well as not eating any super foods such as fruits to help keep my immume system strong as the body does get stressed with all the travel, to make sure you pack fruits along with your carry on. 

Moreover medicine abroad is expensive, so if you are not insured you could be paying alot. Below i will link the free health card you can apply for when traveling abroad. 

Tip 6: Water

Stay hydrated and i suggest drinking only bottled water , never from a river or source as you do not know how your body will respond and your body is not used to certain bacteria found in different countries. 

Tip 7: Get vaccinated

Depending on where you are going make sure to stop by your local doctors and check if you need any vacinations for the country you are traveling to, better safe than sorry.

Tip 8: Identifcation 

In many countries it is illegal to be walking around without ID so make sure you have your passport or identifcation card with you at all times so you do not risk getting a fine. Also i had made a photo copy of my tickets and passport just in case they got lost and i would have a backup. 

Tip 9: Weather changes

Whereever you're going there is always a risk of the weather going bad, so make sure you do pack some warmer clothes / coller clothes so that you are prepared for the change.

Tip 10 : Airports

Depedning on which aiport you go if you have a connected flight make sure you check if your lugagge will be transported to your next flight so that you do not waste time waiting for your luggage to arrive. Not to mention always be early and plan ahead , if you need to get food or water make sure you get  it on time so that you are not rushing to your terminals or gates! 

PS : Personally i would check the travel company your flying with as to what food and drinks you can take into security so that you do not pay a fortune for food at the aiport as it is expensive, as from personal experience switzerlands airport had  burgers for 14 swiss franks which is 9 pounds in England which is quite expesnive for one burger from burger king!