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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Summer tan

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been ages since my last post , since I came back from holiday I have been so busy with my life that I just did not get time. However today is a gorgeous day in england so decided to shoot a few blog posts which I will be uploading throughout the month. Nevertheless back to the outfit.

 I had brought this tan camelish coat or so to say last year , which is warm but you never know with England's weather when it will rain, it is however so easy to style as the colour matches so many different jeans and tops. I decided to pair the coat with some ripped skinny jeans, some heels and my favourite crop black top from Nicole scherzinger gets collection which I also brought a while back. 
Hope you all enjoy your day, and fashion is all about mixing new and old trends to find your own style so don't be afraid to experiment! X

Tan coat £30 sheinside (last year)
Crop top £20 miss guided
Heels £30 new look