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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Naobay face toner + sass purifying cleanser review

Hey there, I'm back with another review! This time it is on my two current favorite skin products that have been working there magic to keep my skin soft and clear.

Firstly I would like to begin with the organic and natural calming face toner which I discovered as I was looking for a product that removed my makeup without leaving my skin dry after. What caught my eye firstly was the packaging it's simple yet I love the lid just because it reminds me of something on a exotic island , which has nothing to do with the product but yes that is what I was initially thinking , you know how I love the exotic stuff! Moving on to the u packaging and usage of the product, it does not have a harsh scent which is great for those who do not like fragrance, moreover it has a soft velvet like texture which I love as it is not sticky on the skin. 
My final thoughts on the product is that it definitely does what it says on the package it is calming on the skin which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, as well as it being gentle whilst removing my makeup. I found it to be moisturizing which is what I needed as I have dry skin as well as  cleansing which is why I have added this to my night routine and seem to be having the same great results in every use. However as for toning it has not made a huge impact on my uneven skin, but it is a great product for the price nevertheless.
Rating 9/10  price :£10.22 on amazon however other websites state £15

Disclaimer : There is a affiliate link on my homepage on the right border if you would like to purchase the face toner, which means i receive commission if you do decide to make a purchase. thank you ( i have brought both products myself and tested them and this is my honest opinion on them!

My second favorite is the SASS intimate purifying cleanser which is another product I love, which is cheaper yet gives the same great results. I love this product as it also is great for dry skin and just a overall cleansing product. I started to use this when i am  washing my face in the morning so that my skin is soft and refreshed for the day, also it has a slight fragrance  but I do not mind just because it does a great job on my skin nevertheless.

Rating 9/10 £7