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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Gerard cosmetics lipstick reviews (makeup haul continued) pt1

Hey there, so for my first makeup haul review i will be starting with Gerard cosmetics. I personally am new to the brand and have heard many great reviews on there lip products.So was excited to try out some of there lipsticks.
Break down of the product    

Packaging :

The lipstick comes in a gorgeous gold casing in the shape of i believe a bullet, which is similar if not the same as the mac lipsticks, with the brand name printed on it. Although the casing is made i  would of expected it to be more durable.

Formula + application  :  

The lipstick when i applied it to my sister was very smooth and creamy which we all love in a lipstick as i hate when my lips become dry and cracked. The color i think was good, not too bright however i would of liked it to be a little more pigmented for the price , however it does say that the shades may vary on different skin tones. Moreover the formula is light on the lips and does not feel tacky as my sister described.

Smell :

The smell of the lipsticks to me and my sister is like some sort of toffee, so for those who do not like scented lipsticks then it might not be for you as the smell is quite strong.

Price : 

Retails for £12.50 each ($19) , however Gerard cosmetics have many deals and coupons going so look out for them!

Swatches of the following -



Overall thoughts : 

Overall i would say that the formula is really nice, it is creamy and has a sheer to matte finish as i noticed her lips were not cracking from the lack of moisture.  Although the packaging if i was being picky could be improve to something
more durable. More over the product does not claim to last long by any means however i did expect it to last on her for quite a long time due to the brand, but it did begin to fade around the corners! Which i am guessing you can expect with many lipsticks after eating and drinking throughout the day. For the price i would say there are many drug store products that i have used which have lasted longer and are highly pigmentation. Would i be purchasing the lipsticks again? maybe if there were deals going on as they are pretty and creamy but not as long lasting as i would like.

Rating :7/10

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