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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Makeup haul!

Hey everyone so i have some exciting news for all those haul lovers, yes that's right, i will be posting and reviewing some of mine and my sisters recent purchases on lipsticks , lip lacquers and makeup palettes.

I will be including some of our favorite brands and featuring a review on one of our favorite makeup Guru's palette which we finally got our hands on! As well as all that good stuff i will be sampling the lipsticks and eye shadows so that you can see how they look on as well as helping you to choose your favorite,if your interested in purchasing any.

Just because we have quite a few to go through i will be uploading separate posts and reviews so that i can give details on the product and any comments on the formula and so on, so keep your eyes peeled for posts which i hope to keep regularly updating.

Disclaimer : This was not sponsored, all products were brought by ourselves

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