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Sunday, 13 December 2015

My top 3 favourite LUSH COSMETICS To fight troublesome skin!

Hey everyone, today's post is one that I hope many people find helpful if you have problematic skin. Lush is a brand that many people are familiar with and have come to love for it's organic and fresh formulars. I personally am new to the brand and came across it on Instagram, I had read a lot of great reviews and thought I would do my research on which ones help keep the skin clear and exfoliated as makeup can clog the pores, which is why I needed Lush in my life! Below I will give my review on the three I have used and given as presents to family because they are just great products for all types of skin.
Ps: The reviews I will be giving are based on mine and my families thoughts on the product. Our skin types vary from dry, oily and combination skin as well as to acne prone and fairly clear skin.

Ocean salt : 
So to begin with, ocean salt has become one of my top favourites just because of how well it exfoliates my skin. I have fairly clear skin and begin to get a few spots when that time in the month comes, so that is when I try my best to exfoliate more often, to help prevent spots in the first place. The product smells minty and fresh to me which is something I love as you know it's going to do wonders for your skin when it does not smell full of perfumes and various other ingredients. The comments I got from family and friends who have used the product have been great and that their skin feels "baby soft" and makeup looks more flawless! Just beware when you're exfoliating you're not scrubbing your skin too hard as I did that once and my face turned nice and red afterwards.

Cosmetic warrior: 
Next up is cosmetic warrior, just in the name you know it's going to be fighting away those spots. In this product many people get put off by the smell of garlic and eggs. However you rather know where the smell is coming from that having some scented product doing nothing good for your skin, so I am perfectly happy with the smell. This also has personally helped me and my family members with breakouts. Of course it does not get rid of them completely but my skin looks much clearer and feels so fresh once I have removed the face mask. I researched on this product to find that it is great for blackheads as well which I do not have so can not confirm that, as well as good for oily skin.

Grease lighting:
First things first I really love the name for this product , very creative. So yeah the use for the product is in the name, it helps reduce grease build up on the skin and "strikes the spots"  This can be a annoying issue for when you have set your makeup and hours later your looking greasy and have to go touch up. For me I do not have greasy skin only if it gets hot then I start to get a little oily, however I mostly have dry skin so my review on this product comes from a family member who does have oily combination skin a and is prone to acne. They have said "it helps reduce the appreance of red spots and calms irritated skin down" which I would say is great for those who get red spots which are visible through makeup and hard to hide.

Packaging :
Now LUSH I believe has the most unique packaging, just because they have the person who made that particular tub face on the packaging. Which I think is a great idea and really rewarding towards the staff who work hard to make it!

Formular and application:
Lush Fights against animal testing and also reuses the packaging which is great and eco friendly as they state that it is all ethically brought, meaning they know where their ingredients come from and how they are made. Not to mention their handmade products are fresh hence why some have a short expiry date which shows that there is not loads of preservatives infused inside. The formulars are different depending on the product as of course they use fresh ingredients so for instance ocean salt has salt grains so the texture is grainy.

The product's vary smell to smell depending on the ingredients as they're fresh. Some are strong as the cosmetic warrior as it has garlic and egg but i did not mind it at all.

Prices of course vary from product to product but i will link the three above below.

ocean salt

grease lightning

cosmetic warrior

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Ps.: if you bring 5 empty pots back to the store you get one cosmetic warrior for free!

I am not sponsored by LUSH cosmetics and these are my own thoughts and opinions on the products!