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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Estee lauder: Double wear stay in place foundation review !

Hey there lovely, so i have been saying for a while i am going to be doing a review on this foundation since it is one of my favourites to date! Yes it is going to be a positive review on this foundation. So i had brought this foundation i would say over a month ago now as well as with the HD make up forever foundation which if you would like to see a review on i will be sure to post one on it. Moreover i wanted to get a high end foundation, a change from my usual fit me foundation which is also a awesome foundation. However i had to expand my collection of foundations so this double wear foundation had seemed to be up there with the most popular choices, so here are my thoughts on it.

Packaging : 

So this foundation comes in a glass bottle, to state the obvious .

Formular :

So, i had before hand went and got my skin colour checked to get the perfect match, which i am shell beige. Once the lady had appliyed it to my skin i was amazed at how good the match was to my skin and how flawless it made my skin. So moving on to a a few weeks later from then, i decided to purchase it online and here are my thoughts. Firstly the foundation is for normal to oily skin and i have dry skin so i was like oops i should of got something more hydrating. However it does dry fast on the skin so you do have to start blending quickly. I had applied my moisturiser and other than that it never dryed out my skin throughout the day, which was pleasant. Moving on the foundation gave me such flawless skin, although if you have any acne it will not of course cover it up however any redness it does a great job of giving me even skin tone. Lastly it is amazing for flash photography, as for many of my videos i have used flash photos for my thumbnails and my skin looks even and flawless.

Smell : 

I did not find it to have any strong smell, so for those who hate perfumed foundations this one would be perfect for you.

Price :


Link for the product :

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Disclaimer :  I am not sponsored, these are all my thought and opinions on the product. 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Camel, leather and a touch of gold !

Hey there , back with another outfit.
Today's look I styled around my PU leather pants, I had been trying to find my "ideal" style after I had seen many people styling out different biker trousers on Instagram. I loved the detailing on the knees as well as the Zips, so I had to buy myself a pair. However on the down side the website I had brought them from I would not reccomend as they took forever with the shipping and I had various issues. Nevertheless I do love the ones I have brought and would suggest checking out Zara or Very as they also have similar styles. Moving on to the rest of my outfit I wore my gold strap black courts (heels) which I have styled many times with different outfits as they are of course versatile and a classic. To match I decided I would wear a black polo neck and my adorable bag from Zara which I have spoken about in my favourite video. Lastly to finish of the outfit I wore a camel coat to keep me warm in this freezing England weather! Thanks xoxo

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Coat: Next £65
Polo neck : Next £18
Suede bag : Zara £30
Heels : got a while back (old is gold, get it :p)
Leather PU pants :£25 not going to mention the website as I do not recommend it

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Clinique supermoisture make up REVIEW!

Hey there, glad you're back for another review! So today's product is the Clinique supermoisture makeup, I brought this I would say two , to three weeks ago as I wanted to try something lighter than a foundation yet still give me some coverage as I have a uneven skin tone. Moreover I have dry skin so I am always looking for some sort of moisturiser to help keep my skin soft.

So as I was on the search for a moisturiser I came across the 'Clinique supermoisture makeup', I had done some research on what the product claimed to do as it did not state to be a foundation however gave medium coverage which is awesome for a moisturiser. Many people had mentioned it gave them radiant skin and the formular is lightweight and leaves there skin looking natural. So of course I had to try it out, as who doesn't want natural looking glowing skin ?

The packaging is in a simple tube, which I would prefer with a pump, as one it would save a lot of product and also a less messy way of getting the product out, however that is the only criticism I would give other than that it is fine.

Formular : 
The formulars is definetly creamy and lightweight, I found I blends right into the skin and moisturises  Any dry matches I had. I actually blend some of this into my current foundation as I did not match my skin correctly to the shade of  moisturiser as it is too light for my skin tone. However I do suggest getting your skin matched if you are planning to wear it without a foundation as it is teinted. Nevertheless I did of course test it without my foundation mixed in for the sake of the review, I had noticed standing in natural lighting that my skin was glowing as it has some sort of light reflecting particals which look gorgeous in the sunlight. This would be a great product to take on holiday in the cold or hot weather as it is lightweight and you will be radiant wherever you are!

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Smell : 
I did not find it to have any sort of smell so that's great for those who do not like strong smelling formulars.

Price :

PS.: The shade of the tube is different from the color of the  formula.

Link for the product
Clinique supermoisture makeup

Rate :

Disclaimer :
I am not sponsored by Clinique these are all my own thoughts and opinions on the product!