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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Camel, leather and a touch of gold !

Hey there , back with another outfit.
Today's look I styled around my PU leather pants, I had been trying to find my "ideal" style after I had seen many people styling out different biker trousers on Instagram. I loved the detailing on the knees as well as the Zips, so I had to buy myself a pair. However on the down side the website I had brought them from I would not reccomend as they took forever with the shipping and I had various issues. Nevertheless I do love the ones I have brought and would suggest checking out Zara or Very as they also have similar styles. Moving on to the rest of my outfit I wore my gold strap black courts (heels) which I have styled many times with different outfits as they are of course versatile and a classic. To match I decided I would wear a black polo neck and my adorable bag from Zara which I have spoken about in my favourite video. Lastly to finish of the outfit I wore a camel coat to keep me warm in this freezing England weather! Thanks xoxo

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Coat: Next £65
Polo neck : Next £18
Suede bag : Zara £30
Heels : got a while back (old is gold, get it :p)
Leather PU pants :£25 not going to mention the website as I do not recommend it