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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Clinique supermoisture make up REVIEW!

Hey there, glad you're back for another review! So today's product is the Clinique supermoisture makeup, I brought this I would say two , to three weeks ago as I wanted to try something lighter than a foundation yet still give me some coverage as I have a uneven skin tone. Moreover I have dry skin so I am always looking for some sort of moisturiser to help keep my skin soft.

So as I was on the search for a moisturiser I came across the 'Clinique supermoisture makeup', I had done some research on what the product claimed to do as it did not state to be a foundation however gave medium coverage which is awesome for a moisturiser. Many people had mentioned it gave them radiant skin and the formular is lightweight and leaves there skin looking natural. So of course I had to try it out, as who doesn't want natural looking glowing skin ?

The packaging is in a simple tube, which I would prefer with a pump, as one it would save a lot of product and also a less messy way of getting the product out, however that is the only criticism I would give other than that it is fine.

Formular : 
The formulars is definetly creamy and lightweight, I found I blends right into the skin and moisturises  Any dry matches I had. I actually blend some of this into my current foundation as I did not match my skin correctly to the shade of  moisturiser as it is too light for my skin tone. However I do suggest getting your skin matched if you are planning to wear it without a foundation as it is teinted. Nevertheless I did of course test it without my foundation mixed in for the sake of the review, I had noticed standing in natural lighting that my skin was glowing as it has some sort of light reflecting particals which look gorgeous in the sunlight. This would be a great product to take on holiday in the cold or hot weather as it is lightweight and you will be radiant wherever you are!

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Smell : 
I did not find it to have any sort of smell so that's great for those who do not like strong smelling formulars.

Price :

PS.: The shade of the tube is different from the color of the  formula.

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Clinique supermoisture makeup

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Disclaimer :
I am not sponsored by Clinique these are all my own thoughts and opinions on the product!