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Friday, 19 February 2016

DOMINATRIX velour liquid lipstick by JEFFREE STAR! Review

So it finally happened, i got my hands on the shade of all shades Dominatrix! After it had got sold out i was waiting and waiting to get myself one of these lipsticks from Jeffree's collection, yes it had taken a while as many of the websites i had tried to order involved custom charges or waiting so long to get it , when finally i found Cocktail Cosmetics, which i could order in the UK and received my parcel in 3 days.

Anyways back to the main topic, i thought i would do a short review on the liquid lipstick as i am sure there are many reviews on all the shades but this has to be my favorite chocolate brown!

Packaging :

The liquid lipstick comes in it's iconic Jeffree stars pink and glamorous golden star casing. The actual liquid lipstick in a glass bottle which is printed with stars of course.


So for the formula, i was so amazed at how creamy, velvety, deliciously and smoothly it goes on, so if that is not a good description of how it applies i don't know what is!! Moving on, the formula is vegan of course as well as it being matte once it drys which is what i look for in any lipstick to be honest. The only thing i would say when applying the liquid lipstick is with this darker shade i would apply a lip liner so you know where your about to apply the liquid lipstick, as if you make a mistake darker shades are unforgiving when you have to remove it.


I did not find the product to have any smell


£14 in the UK $18 on US websites

Wearing the liquid lipstick in my latest YOUTUBE video




I am not sponsored and these are all my thoughts and opinions on the product.

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