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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Makeup revolution Ultra contour palette review

Hey there lovelies, todays blog post is on a affordable alternative to cream contours which is this one i have discovered my makeup revolution. Contouring had been trending for quite a while now, and i have also come to love it for what it is which is enhancing, and sculpting the face to create the desired  look. One of the most popular contour palettes i have noticed seems to be the Anastasia Beverly hills contour palettes, however it does come at a price, so i was on the search for a alternative.

I personally love cream contours as they are super blendable as well as lasting a considerable amount of time,  so when i found a affordable powdered contour palette i was eager to see the result.

The makeup revolution palette comes with 8 shades two of which are baked shadows and two which are highlighters. Moreover it comes with a large mirror which is always a bonus.

Packaging :

So the palette comes in the normal cardboard casing, however i appreciated the fact the shades are printed on the back which gives you a good idea of what your going to get if you do decide to purchase it in store.


The formular is not as pigmented as i would of liked it to be as i had to reapply at least  three times  for the shades to show on my arm, however i did find it to have a benefit as you can build up the intensity to your desired look. Furthermore i used the middle shade which is like a cool tone which i believe looks more natural on me. I had it on for 7/8 hours and it still looked good, i could see it on my skin as it did not fade or become patchy. The weather was fairly wet and cold, and it done a great job of staying on!

Now for the baking powders, it comes with a white/ translucent shade, as well as a yellow/ banana shade, which i have tried both and they are really smooth on the skin and very thin which i think is great as it does not cake up. This happened when i use the ben nye banana powder a few times and it becomes wrinkly and creases. However since these shades are set in a palette you do not get loads on your sponge/ brush for it to apply heavy on the skin. The yellow shade really brightens up the face which looks great if you have dark under eye circles like me.

Finally the highlighters i have to stay surprised me as they are actually so pigmented and glittery. I actually prefer not to use a glittery shade as a highlight but enjoyed using the white highlight on the bridge of my cheeks and nose.

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Disclaimer :

I am not sponsored, all products where brought by myself, however if i was sponsored i would only recommend things i would re buy, re use and recommend.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Hocus focus illuminator - Soap and Glory review!

Hey everyone, i apologise it has been so long since my last blogpost, as if you follow me you will know i have recently started a Youtube channel and have been busy uploading. However i have not neglected my blog, i was going to do a video upload on this illuminator but i decided to do a blog post instead as i have done tutorials using this product so ill leave links to them for you to check out. < Makeup demo

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The illuminator is meant to "fade" "diffuse wrinkles and pigmentation and brighten tired looking skin". You can apply it to your cheekbones or in with your foundation.

The illuminator comes in a  radiant plastic bottle which actually has the same shade of the product.

I personally have not used a liquid illuminator before, i usually stick to a powdered highlighter, so this was a pleasant surprise! The formula is not sticky and mixes well into the foundation as you will not notice it is in there as it does not change the texture. Moreover it has made my skin look brighter and glowing as i have worn it out since i have got it, and it has lasted 7/8 hours without affecting my foundation. As for diffusing wrinkles and pigmentation i am not to sure about that part as i have worn it in my foundation however if i do try it without my foundation i shall update my blog and let you know as it will be great for spring!

The illuminator does smell sweet to me which i personally do not mind

£11 / £8 depends which website

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Rate : 

8/10         I would recommend this product as for the price it does a great job of brightening and highlighting the face, it does leave a glowing dewy look. However as for diffusing pigmentation which i have and diffusing wrinkles i am not too sure as i have worn it with my foundation and as a highlight. I shall update if i notice anything without my foundation mixed in.


I am not sponsored for this product, these are all my own thoughts and opinions on the item.