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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Urban decay : Naked ONE and DONE Hybrid Review

Hey there makeup lovers! Got a exciting review for you guys. Urban decay has released yet again another amazing product, this one is a hybrid between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. As for me who is going on holiday i was on the hunt for something light and radiant for the skin so when i came across this product i was excited to try it out.

Youtube review and demo :

So this product claims to give you the benefits  of a tinted moisturizer and the coverage of a sheer foundation which is great for summer!  It also claims that over time (12 weeks ) it will make your pores appear smaller and also firmer and radiant. So lets dive right into this review!

Packaging : 

So the product comes in a tube as well as having a pump attached which is a bonus as it is hygienic and you also get just enough product, without wasting loads.

Formula :

As soon as i applied this to my skin it was so soft and velvety, so easy to blend and weightless! i was actually shocked at how light it felt and how smoothly it blended into my skin without clinging onto my dry patches. Moreover the product claims to be sheer coverage which for me it is fine as i can conceal any problem areas, so i could still see my skin and any blemishes underneath the foundation. I honestly could not say anything bad about this formula as it went on really well, it is buildable if you need that extra coverage(as i did) and it did not cling onto dry patches.
Furthermore i wore the foundation for over 8 hours to work and out and i did not notice it drying at all, the foundation stayed in place considering i had only powdered my concealer and did not set the makeup in place with a setting spray.


This product did not have a smell which is great for those who do not like scented foundations.






I am not sponsored, all products were brought by myself, and thought and opinions on the product are my honest view on them.

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