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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The body shop shade adjusting drops Review! ( darkening shade)

Hey there beauties, so i recently purchased the shade adjusting drops by the body shop, as i had recently purchased a number of foundations which were a bit too light for my skin as i had been on holiday and had a lovely tan. I heard so many good things about this products and was hoping it would save me returning some foundations which can be annoying! So here are my thought on the product!

Packaging :

The product comes in a glass bottle which has a dropper attached, which in my opinion wastes alot of product and can get messy really easily!

See the product in action skip to 3.08 :


As for the formula, it is very liquidy and runny, so i would advise anyone trying the product to have tissues available and maybe a glass plate, so that you can mix the products without a mess. Moreover a little goes a long long way, i shall link one of my videos when i tried this product out as a bronzer for the first time and you can see what happened in regards to how pigmented this stuff really is! This i have to say is a huge benefit as for the price your getting a lot of product and only need a tiny drop. Moreover it is so bendable its unreal. As you will notice in my tutorial how i am able to blend the product into my skin without having to apply anything more to remove the excess!

As for how well it blends in with my foundation, i have noticed that it has not changed the shade of my foundation or any of the benefits it provides.( Keep in mind this product is for dark/deep skin tones and  foundation shades, so if you notice that your foundation turns ashy ect then it is not for your skin shade as i have noticed many people mention this on other reviews)


The product does have a "chemically" smell to it which is not strong however its not a good things either as you really do not know what has gone into the product to be producing such a smell!


Retails for £10 which is very good for how much product you get and such a great formula!


8/10 the reason i have not give this item a 10 is just because of the smell, and because of the dropper as it does waste the product as you only need a tiny amount and your good to go!


This product is not sponsored

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

MORPHE 12NB natural beauty palette swatches

Here are the swatches to my recent palette purchase from MORPHE.

Full Haul including the palette on my channel -

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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Les Beige healthy glow | CHANEL FOUNDATION + HYDRA BEAUTY FLASH Review

Hey beauties, got a high end foundation review for you all today. Check out my youtube video for a demo of the foundation and my first impressions. I shall list below a summary of my thoughts and opinions on this foundation as i had tested it out for over 8 hours with suprising results compared to my initial reaction !

Check out the tutorial :

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Chanel healthy glow foundation:


  • Radiant glowy skin
  • Demi matte finish
  • Sheer to medium coverage
  • Lasts 8+ hours without becomming patchy
  • Hydrating
  • looks natural on the skin
  • 30ml
  • Professional design (Packaging) 

  • Smells sweet
  • high alcohol content
  • Sets into fine lines (if used without a primer)
  • Not good for flash photograhpy 
  • Does not cover blemishes acne 
  • Price £39.00 / 50.95€

Hydra beauty flash:


  • Very smooth application
  • Lasts 8+ hours
  • Hydration and moisturizing

  • Smell is sweet ( i personally do not mind)
  • Price retails for £37