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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Kylie Jenner "Limited addition holiday collection" liquid matte lipsticks minis REVIEW

Hey honey buns, so over the holiday period i was gifted a set of the limited addition Kylie Jenner matte liquid lipsticks. They were great for over the holiday period (and from day to night looks) as well as being travel size perfect for me as i am currently still on vacation. This actuallly was my first set of cosmetics from Kylie's collection, and to my suprise the formular is similar to matte liquid lipsticks i have tried before. Here are my thoughts on the product and swatches.


The style of the liquid lipsticks are the typical Kylie Jenner "melted liquid lipstick " design with the shade peeping through the bottom half with the top half covered in a silver metalic casing. As they were stated to be "limited addition" i did hope for a "limited addition" design, something unique from her collection. However the only difference in design is the size. These liquid lipsticks have 0.02fl.oz per bottle, which is perfect for traveling.


As with previous liquid lipsticks i have tried i can compare Kylie's to the "jeffree star" liquid lipsticks, They are both creamy and highly pigmented, which is perfect as the Kylie Jenner collection was limited addition and a little goes along way. However they do dry fast and become wrinkly after a hour or so. I have always exfoliated and hydrated my lips before applying any liquid lipstick, so when they became dry and chapped looking i was quite disappointed. Having said that they do last long depending on what your eating as i found i did have to reapply after eating certain foods. The liquid lipsticks do not bleed around your lips once applied, which is perfect if you do not like touching up your makeup. Lastly on the formular, they do come off with a baby wipe which is great as you do not need to purchase any additional cosmetics to help remove it.

Smell -

The liquid lipsticks each have a sweet smell. which once on the lips is undetectable.


As this was a gift i am unsure of the price, as the collection is no longer on the website either for reference,


As for the quality of the product, the size and the shades i shall rate this product 8/10

Disclaimer: This product is not sponsored