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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Carbon coco ultimate kit | First impressions + review | 7 day progression

Hey my loves, we all know how important dental hygiene is, and how it can have a massive impact on our health and well being, if we let our routine slip. I personally have used Cress white strips back in my college years, those where big back then, so i'd also gave them a whirl. Not knowing the effects whitening strips have on my enamel( not an expert) , i had learnt the hard way when my gums became irritated.

First impression here -

To begin with i would like to put a disclaimer out there that, although Carbon coco had sent me the products to review, i shall only give my honest opinion in regards to my personal experience using the kit. Everyone will have different results using the kit depending on the original condition of your teeth.

Moving on, i have not used any kit since, and have stuck to my routine of floss and a general tooth paste which has the whitening, and breathe cleansing all in one ( Colgate , not sponsored ). I personally did not go out my way looking for a teeth whitening product as i have been happy with my routine as of yet. So here i am giving my honest opinion on my FIRST whitening kit experience. As i shall mention in my video which will only include the demonstration, i can only review the item after testing it for a few weeks ( this case 7 days as it states 7-14 days to see results), in order to get a valid conclusion. 

                            7 day progression 

Day 1 

Day 2                                                     


Day 3 

Day 4                  


Day 5    

 Day 6                                                                

Day 7 

Final verdict 

Having given a week to conclude my final thoughts on the product, i have to say that although i did not see a massive improvement in my teeth shade. I am happy with the results in respect of how my teeth feel and look. They do appear brighter and have that "polished" affect, as while i had been using the product,  i did hear that "squeaky" clean sound", as well as being able to run my tongue against my teeth to feel that smooth after effect. Many of my family members who have more of a "stained" tooth surface,  have tried the product and within the first use where asking where to purchase the product from. They also loved that dentist clean feel, as well as how much the teeth looked polished.

Finally the few minor points that i did notice was that the tooth polish is quite a messy product, having it be a powder and black, it did spat all over the white sink and mirror while brushing. As well as noticing some of the powder getting stuck under my gums a few times, which i noticed a few hours after brushing.

Other then that i would recommend the product and would give it a fair rating of 9/10.